50 Clinton Street: LES Value Gem

By Daniel J. Bollinger

New York Lifestyles Magazine had a sneak peek into an exciting development on the Lower East Side (LES) this month. At the sales office of 50 Clinton Street I saw the rendering model and all the details of the fixtures that are shaping 50 Clinton Street to be a true value gem. I also toured the construction site so that I could see the scope of the project and the light that is going to be permeating throughout this beautiful development.

Their literature emphasizes, “Sophisticated Style, Timeless Appeal, and Old World Chic” and from what I saw I can agree that this building is going to be true to its marketing. Open floor plans, generous ceiling heights, and expansive windows are definitely going to make these condos great for entertaining and living in the heart of the LES. The true beauty of this development is in the custom materials, custom designed pieces, and the backyards in the duplexes.

The kitchens are all open plan with an island with breakfast bar. The island is wrapped in custom metallic panels. Additionally, the backsplash covering all the kitchen counters up to the cabinets has metallic elements within it. These metallic panels and elements in the backsplash create a sense of movement and interest as the sun floods the open layouts. This shimmer aims to produce a moving or active kitchen aesthetic and given the fact that the kitchen is also designed functionally well for those who enjoy cooking the custom material and effect matches its function. This function and aesthetic design is prominent in both bathrooms as well.

Both the master and second bathrooms are designed magnificently. In both master and second bathroom the glass enclosed showers have three shelf custom marble shower niches, a true sign of quality construction and the depth and location of these niches shows concern for both the function and aesthetic of this design. In the master bath next to the marble soaking tub there is another custom niche. It runs along almost the whole length of the tub, draws your eye to the tub, and compliments the luxury of the tub. Both of these bathrooms are very balanced as can be seen from the pictures. The mix of materials and colors, from herringbone white marble, brass, bronze, patterned floor tiles, and vertical subway tiles really draw your eye to the space as a whole creating the visual ‘balance’ in these beautifully designed bathrooms. These custom pieces create the uniqueness that you won’t see in any other bathroom. In the master bathroom there are custom vintage-style beveled vanity mirrors. The bevel of these vanity mirrors draw your eyes downward and outward helping to visually see the balance of the whole bathroom design. In the second bathroom there is a custom bronzed metal vanity. The vanity itself looks beautiful from the picture. The two niches in the vanity are great design details. However, the vanity design is a lesson in balance - consider how the wings of the hot and cold handles are perfectly situated to draw down from the edges of the mirror on a line. And notice the center points of the sconces are perfectly in line with the bronze hooks below which draw down to the center of the square niches in the vanity both left and right. The curved faucet balances the exposed drain underneath. And installing the subway tiling vertically to balance with the high vanity mirror is also a nice detail. In both bathrooms the mirrors are medicine closets with lots of shelving. Kudos to Paris Forino, your “understated glamour” will not go unnoticed (or understated).

A special feature that makes this building a gem in my opinion are the bi-level backyards that are available with the duplexes. One, there are 1,300 square foot backyard spaces available in the duplex models which is bigger than most apartments! The backyard is a duplex so you can have your BBQ on the lower level for more privacy and have a garden or lawn on the upper level. Also there is access to both levels of the backyard from either condo floor with a hallway leading from your second floor to say to the furthest part of your duplex backyard. This shows great thought in the design of the outdoor space. It is private with pictures showing a fenced in terrace garden and you do not have a building butting up against your backyard line. No noisy neighbors are in the immediate area making for a more peaceful outdoor space. All of these points are why I think these duplexes are real gems.

If you miss your chance at owning one of the three available duplexes you can still enjoy the rooftop. 360 degree views of the Manhattan skyline are available on a landscaped deck. The penthouses also have private rooftop terraces and secondary terraces adjacent to master suites and living areas.

50 Clinton Street is shaping up to be a great building at the heart of the LES in Manhattan with a real sense of community. Rizzo’s Pizza tastes excellent and the staff really make you feel at home. The Clinton St. Baking Company recently expanded to make more room for their amazing brunch experience. In addition, one of a kind stores like Blue Bayer and Koneko make living on the LES special and unique. The price points are in the current sweet spot of Manhattan real estate and the fine details and backyards make 50 Clinton Street a value gem in my opinion. If you like going out, enjoying an eclectic art scene and enjoying great food in one of the hippest neighborhoods of NYC then 50 Clinton Street might be for you.