20 Questions to Increase Your Tony Awards IQ

By Pat Collins

1 - Q: Before Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda and director Thomas Kail’s first Broadway production won the best musical Tony in 2008. What is the name of the show?

2 - Q: Tony host James Corden won the award for best actor in which 2012 comedy?

3 - Q: Who holds the record as the youngest Tony Winner?

4 - Q: Who wrote the book for the Tony nominated “School Of Rock” and created Downton Abbey?

5 - Q: What show had no fewer than six Tony nominations and is the first Broadway production with an all-female African American cast and behind the scenes creative team?

6 - Q: Who has hosted the most Tony telecasts?

7 - Q: What is the name of the musical with the most awards in Tony history?

8 - Q: What 1997 Tony winning musical is still on Broadway? Hint - Catherine Zeta Jones won an Oscar for her role in the movie version.

9 - Q: In which two-hander did Frank Langella play a controversial President?

10 - Q: Bryan Cranston as LBJ won a Tony for what 2012 play?

11 - Q: She is one of The Color Purple’s producers and co-starred in Spielberg’s 1985 movie based on Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize Novel. What is her name?

12 - Q: The long running Wicked was not named the best musical of 2003. What show was the unexpected winner?

13 - Q: Who is the multi-Tony winning costume designer of Hairspray, Nine, The Producers and Cinderella?

14 - Q: What is the name of the play with the most Tony wins?

15 - Q: Who holds the record for winning the most Tony’s during his celebrated career?

16 - Q: For what show did Nathan Lane win his first Tony?

17 - Q: What theater is a good luck charm and home to 10 Tony winning Musicals and it’s where Hamilton is currently playing?

18 - Q: For whom are the Tony’s named?

19 - Q: Who is the performer with the most Tonys?

20 - Q: Where and when was the first award show held?