Time for Tee

By Jeffrey Bradford

One of the feelings many golfers have entering a new season is that of “do I have the right clubs?” It may be prompted by watching the recent victor or vanquished of the US Masters tournament, it could be a reflection on feeling of skill or – more likely – too many glossy adverts in the mainstream golfing press.

We decided to ask a professional, Steve Keogh, Senior Teaching Professional at Chelsea Piers Golf Academy in the City his view on the three clubs every golfer should be carrying to help their game this season;

Club #1: A Fairway metal (3 wood / 15 degree or 5 wood / 19 degree)

Why? “these are a little more forgiving and much easier for most people to hit compared to a driver”

Club #2: A 3 or 4 iron hybrid (23 to 28 degrees depending on manufacturer)

Why? “They are very forgiving clubs and easier to get in the air plus also much easier to hit out of the long rough compared to the 3 or 4 iron.”

Club #3: A gap wedge (50 to 52 degrees depending on the manufacturer)

Why? “This fills the gap between a standard pitching wedge and the sand wedge, hence the name gap wedge. In terms of bounce with wedges, the bounce of a wedge is using the back end part of the soul of the club. The higher the bounce 10-14 degrees the better it will be for the golfer. Bounce is your friend, it’s what makes the club dig into the ground and bounce out, so you don’t dig too much into the ground. You can never have too many wedges in your bag.”

Ultimate Accessory for June 2016
GameGolfLIVE. Connect up your clubs individually by inserting in the top of the grip an unobtrusive disc, set up an account online, the on the course tap them against a small box worn on your belt prior to addressing the ball and during or after the round have the ability to map every shot around the course and analyse the data. Game Golf uses GPS motion sensing tags and NFC communication to capture robust information on every shot. Then upload and compare and compete with friends, family and even the pros by social media. More information can be found on www.gamegolf.com

Dr. Jeffrey Bradford
Managing Editor
New York Lifestyles Magazine