On the Big Screen

By Pat Collins

Release: September 23rd

Oscar winner Denzel Washington, star of more than 40 movies, has never appeared in a Western until now. He reunited with his Training Day director Anton Fuqua to play a bounty hunter and the outlaws’ leader Sam Chisolm. The film, which like the 1960 version with Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen, was inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai. Denzel, Chris Pratt, and Ethan Hawke are three of the seven hired by a young widow seeking revenge for her husband’s murder. The film will be released in conventional and IMAX theaters.

Release: September 9th

Two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks adds another hero role to his filmography as Captain Chelsey ”Sully” Sullenberger. In January 2009, Captain Sullenberger, the pilot of a USA Airways Airbus landed a disabled plane in the frigid waters of the Hudson River. The lives of 155 passengers and crew were saved in what the New York media described as “the Miracle on the Hudson”. Director Clint Eastwood based his film on Sullenberger’s autobiography Highest Duty. Aaron Eckhart plays co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles and Laura Linney co-stars as Sullenberger’s wife, Lorraine.

Release: September 15th

Fab Four fans rejoice! Ron Howard’s documentary which covers the years (1962-1966) when the band circled the globe had the full support of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Olivia Harrison and Yoko Ono Lennon. One of the many nostalgic highlights is 30 minutes of the Beatles 1965 Shea Stadium concert. Two days after its theatrical release the film will be available on the streaming service Hulu.

Release: September 30th

Director Peter Berg’s film is based on a New York Times article about the 2010 oil rig explosion off the Louisiana coast and the subsequent environmental disaster. Mark Wahlberg who starred in Mr. Berg’s Lone Survivor has the lead role as Mike Williams, one of the heroes who worked on the doomed rig.

Release: September 30th

Jacob Portman (Asa Butterfield), an American teenager grieving the loss of his beloved grandfather, unexpectedly finds adventure on an island off the coast of Wales. The island is inhabited by children who possess unusual powers such as invisibility, superhuman strength and controlling fire and air. Eva Green as the titular headmistress, who can transform into a peregrine, relies on Jacob to protect the orphans in her care whose lives are in danger. All adventures depend on a memorable villain and with Samuel L Jackson as the evil Barron, the movie has one of the best bad guys on the big screen this fall. Tim Burton’s highly anticipated movie is based on Ransom Riggs’ 2011 best seller which captivated young readers and older ones as well. The other grownups in the cast are Judi Dench, Allison Janney, Chris O’Dowd and Terence Stamp.

Release: September 16th

Twelve years have passed since Bridget (Renee Zellweger), and Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) embraced in the dull sequel The Edge Of Reason. In the intervening years, Bridget achieved success in a new career as a television news producer. Her personal life, however, is upended when she receives the surprising news that she is pregnant. Is the dad her ex or her current lover, a successful American business person played by Patrick Dempsey? Hugh Grant said no to reprising his role.

New Home Video Releases

September 6th
Money Monster
Love & Friendship
American Crime Story: The People Versus O.J. Simpson

September 13th
Captain America: Civil War
The Conjuring 2
The Big Bang Theory: Season 9

September 26th
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
Free State of Jones
Pele: Birth of A Legend

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