Enjoying Stratton, Vermont

By Lyle Seltzer

Are you considering a permanent move to Vermont? If so, know that the Green Mountain state is the most exquisite, unspoiled piece of real estate in the U.S. Permanent residents are offered winter skiing, springtime blossom and greenery , summer hiking and water sports, and stupefying autumn foliage.

It’s still primarily a rural state, and local lore has it that only recently have humans outnumbered cows. Vermont’s Holsteins seem more contented than bovines elsewhere—which is hardly surprising considering that they’re grazing near the Green Mountains.

One area prospective residents should explore is the luxury homes found within the Stratton community showcasing beautiful properties with views and, yet, with a short drive enjoy nightlife, great restaurants, and entertainment. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Because of its beautiful, mountainous terrain, Stratton is most beloved by avid outdoor-adventurers who are seeking the perfect location. Touring the stunning countryside and indulging in the state’s famous cheeses and maple syrup is just the beginning of your love affair with Stratton.

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