By Patricia Canole

Heading to the movies will soon be less of a trek for West Side residents. On September 15th, Landmark Theatres chain will open its second New York City flagship location, The Landmark at 57 West (between 11th and 12th Avenues); its other location is the Landmark Sunshine downtown.

This is the first newly built major movie complex in Manhattan since 2002 when Loews moved in to its E-Walk venue on West 42nd Street, across from the AMC Empire 25.

In addition to eight movie screens, the theater’s entrance will feature an “active video wall” and an artistic light fixture that will display “an inviting array of colors.” Landmark’s CEO, Ted Mundorff, calls this “a game changer.” He went on to tell New York Lifestyles that “we are excited to be opening a premiere theater on 57th Street and creating a new destination for cinema. The Landmark at 57 West will provide a top-tier entertainment experience for the sophisticated moviegoer who enjoys a wide array of interesting and quality films,” he went on to say. It will include laser projectors, leather electric recliner seats which can be reserved through advanced ticketing, and locally made healthy snacks—in addition to traditional popcorn with real butter. The space is large enough to host private screenings and also boasts a wine bar for guests.

Landmark West 57th is a welcome addition to the neighborhood. It will also become a beacon for the creative community and film industry as well. And as Mundroff stated, “we take pride in our customer service and delivering the best in film and are confident we will exceed our customers’ expectation.

Welcome to the neighborhood, Landmark!

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