New York Comic Con 2017

By Robert Offley | Photos By Richie Realms

It seems that every time we turn on the television we are hit in the pit of the stomach with a devastating event. Hurricane season came in with a thunder. The horrible events in Las Vegas by the hands of a madman. We see two political parties battling for the good they believe will help the American people. At the end of the day, people need an escape. For many of us, it was the New York Comic Con.

The New York Comic Con was held at the Jacob Javits center. The Con was started in 2006 and has been gaining momentum ever since. The Con is nerd heaven. When you attend the Con, you are able to meet some of your favorite comic artists and get many of your comics signed. You can attend panels, ask celebrities questions, and see exclusive footage of upcoming shows. Collectible toys, t-shirts, and many other mementos are everywhere to purchase.

This year, I had the privilege to meet up with many members of "The Collider" and "Schmoesknow" YouTube shows. Both shows cover what is going on in the world of pop culture when it comes to television and films. I was able to catch Mark Ellies' stand-up routine at a New York Comedy club, along with John Rocha, and Jon Schnepp (Director of "The Death of Superman Lives": What Happened?) doing his unique poetry.

Mark Ellie, one of the best comics in the business, is also a host of "Collider" and a co-founder of "Schmoesknow." Mark and the crew, based out of Los Angeles, give us nerds up-to-date information surrounding what is going on in the world of movie and television news. I had an amazing time meeting them at a meet-and-greet at McSwiggans bar. Other members of the crew, such as David Griffin, Wendy Lee, Steve Weintraub, Dennis Tzeng, Perri Nemiroff, Jason Inman, Ashley Robinson, and last but not least Christian Ruvalcaba (Cobbsterr) were there answering many of our television and movie questions. If you are tired of watching gossip filled television programs, you need to turn to Collider and Schmoesknow.

As I walked the halls of the Jacob Javits Center, one thing I noticed amongst all the people and noise was the peace. Grown men and women dressed up, portraying their favorite characters, taking pictures with random strangers. No one there cares what your religion is, what race you are, who you are attracted to, and what political party you identify with. People are there to have fun. Parents with their kids, sisters with their brothers, and friends with their friends. The Con gives you that escape for those few days and allows you to become a kid again. Hopefully, we can take that peace we get from the Con and share it with the world.