TECH TALK Summertime And The Living Is Easy

By Ted Owen

Even my team at the innovative eSports start-up PlayAPI occasionally break free from work and feel the need to be outside. Our business is about defining the next generation of software tools that will enable gamers and those tech-savvy athletes to compete fairly. Hopefully, we will see the first United States eSports Gold awarded at the 2024 Olympics.

But to keep the creativity and drive alive towards these goals we need to enjoy the summer and play hard while working hard. Technology, of course, can help us in a variety of ways and here are a few tech-driven musts to make your Summer 2018 living as easy as can be.

Lawn Mowing can be hot, sweaty, and generally time-consuming. Husqvarna, while better known for their Swedish old-school axes and chainsaws have come to the rescue. The Husqvarna Automower can be controlled by a phone app and silently programmed to mow your lawn as required. Best of all, when too wet or low on power it will recharge by itself.

Set up a network of smart water sprinklers with Rachio which not only can be timed but also connects to the Internet to access local weather reports. This exclusive weather intelligence function includes a database of soil types based on your zip code to determine just how much water your garden needs.

Perplexed you can’t find the air conditioning remote? Try the Sensibo Air Conditioner Controller which connects to just about any A/C that uses an infra-red control and gives it 2018 intelligence. Not only can you use Sensibo to set timers but the device can also be programmed to fluctuating changes in temperature, humidity, and comfort levels.

Samsung has solved one of today’s significant problems. How to deal with an empty refrigerator. The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator has a vertical touchscreen occupying a quarter of its frontage which can be used to create shopping lists and order food. Also use the app to activate the internal camera to check the contents of the fridge. Even better, the Family Hub can stream television shows.

So you are now outside enjoying the weather and catching up with gaming options on your phone or tablet. Battery power is everything and being able to recharge your device is just as crucial. Nomad’s Powerpack is ultra-rugged with military grade certification and should charge an iPhone 3.5 times on a single charge. Worried about losing such a handy device? The Nomad PowerPack also comes with a built-in tile Bluetooth tracker. How great is that?

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods are disastrous no matter where they may occur. Don’t panic! EMS experts Stuart and Karina Warshaw have come to the rescue with the VLES bag. A backpack designed with enough support for two people with a number of compartments, some of which can be pre-configured with basic needs and medical supplies.