By Mark Pelligren

Working from home is not all that different from toiling away in the office. You still have your deadlines, conduct meetings via conference calls or Skype and, unfortunately, endure all of the aches and pains associated with sitting at a desk all day. Yes, desk jobs are pretty much the unhealthiest jobs that you can have aside from being a fast-food product taster.

The sedentary lifestyle is not good for anyone. Your body is meant to be active. And because you are deskbound a good amount of the day, doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy.

There are several steps you can take to make your home office a healthier one. Incorporate regular breaks in your workday routine. Stretch, give your eyes a break from that screen and, if possible, take a walk. If you can be disciplined about this, you may be able to avoid some of the common problems associated with a sedentary life.

Believe it or not, your chair is a big part of the problem. Most office chairs don’t conform to the body which often leads to aches and pains in your back and your joints. An ergonomic office chair is designed to work with your body—not against it. This type of office chair will alleviate the discomforts you may be suffering—and have you feeling much better in no time. An Ergonomic office chair, like those listed on the Gadget Review, is a must for back pain! Info:

Another recommendation is to consider purchasing a standing desk. Never heard of them? Standing desks are exactly that: When you are in this position it’s means better body circulation, increased calories burned, and even working those muscles. The simple act of standing keeps everything in your body aligned—definitely a much healthier option!

Another benefit of standing desks is the eye level and monitor are in synch. No more neck pain! Arms and wrists will also be in the proper position thus avoiding nerve damage. Standing workstations are very popular right now as people are starting to see the benefits both at home and in the workplace. Most styles are adjustable so that you can easily convert between sitting and standing positions. Consider the popular Varidesk (

There you have it. These three factors are the trifecta when it comes to converting your home office into a healthier place to work. Take regular breaks, have the proper seating that is actually designed for your body and invest in a standing workstation.

Consider this: When you think about the cost of health care these days, this investment in an ergonomic chair and standing workstation is a small one compared to what medical bills could be down the road.

Mark Pelligren has been fascinated with gadgets for his entire adult life, with a passion for keeping up with the latest in robotics, gadgets, games and more. He eats, breaths and lives technology, then reports to you.

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