Weight Management Gets Personalized

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By Nani Prakesh

How many times has this happened to you? You start a weight loss program, include exercise and several weeks later reach a plateau. The scale refuses to budge and as a consequence gets shelved. It’s a shame as many wonder diets and exercise classes fail to consider holistically the role played by our individual and unique metabolism and dietary requirements.

Wouldn’t it be great to find the perfect weight loss plan for your particular body? It’s here. Dr. Siobhan Kealy has been concerned about this issue for most of her medical career. With the specific needs of women in their 40’s she set about creating what today is known as the Balance 3H Plus Weight Loss For Women Program.

Dr. Siobhan Kealy

During her years of creating this plan, she learned that the lesser known villains of the weight loss story include Cortisol (the stress hormone) which can have a direct effect on belly fat accumulation; and Leptin (the appetite suppressor) whose levels typically fall as we age, thus making us hungrier more often. The last of the villains is Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) which is affected by dieting causing hunger to increase. Also include specific genetic mutations—such as FACTOR V and MTHFR—which affect hormones and vitamins and thus weight loss. Because of this, providing a comprehensive blood test can be critical and insure that diet is in tune with the metabolism, which itself can change as the body ages.

Functional Nutritionist, Angela T. Russo speaking about the broader issues of metabolism on a diet reinforced the point, commenting that in her long experience, “Dietetics is not just about healthy food. Food is one important form of therapy and treatment. Medical Nutrition Therapy includes the latest research and considers a person’s medical and family history, physical fitness, and lifestyle when determining interventions. Medical Nutrition Therapy means examining all of those lights and adjusting to specific, customized need where food becomes an accelerator to heal your body.”

What makes board-certified physician Dr. Kealy’s approach unique is that the Balance 3H Plus Program is medically supervised as opposed to being a product prescription. As Dr. Kealy put it, ”Helping a patient who is struggling with a weight problem, fighting depression, or needing to heal naturally—and being able to physically and mentally restore them to where they want to be is an amazing and rewarding job.”

Balance 3H Plus aims at its core to address the participants needs using the best available medical science. The program uses the results of the comprehensive blood test to provide patients with the knowledge and results in customized meal plans with hormone balancing based on individual results, eschewing the pills and injections that are so often unsuccessful. The program confronts both diet and lifestyle changes necessary to reduce the mechanisms that cause the body to store fat, at the same time catalyzing the body’s natural fat burning processes for weight loss. Dr. Kealy’s program involves a two-week detox followed by the 4-week scientifically driven program providing a diet which works with your hormonal chemistry to achieve weight loss.

Dr. John Salerno

Working in partnership with the Balance 3H Plus Program since last year is The Salerno Center for Complementary Medicine, a New York-based practice that aims to engender wellness through nutrition, a range of therapies and natural supplements. Together, Balance 3H Plus and The Salerno Center provide a holistic health and wellness program that aims to meet the long term needs of its patients. “It’s exciting to welcome such a safe, effective and highly successful weight loss program as Balance 3H Plus to The Salerno Center,” says Dr. John Salerno, an international pioneer in the practice of complementary medicine. “We similarly believe in crafting customized plans for each patient’s underlying issues—not just their symptoms.”

Weight loss at any age is challenging—doubly so for women 40 and over—especially in an image-conscious city like New York. While there is a place for the traditional review of the shopping basket, restaurant menu and weighing scales, medical science is pointing the way that better knowledge of metabolism and the unique individual factors can massively aid successful participation in a weight loss program like Balance 3H Plus.

Speaking with wellness entrepreneur Mitch Suss, co-founder of B3H weight loss program and CEO of Balance 3H Medical Centers offers an insight into the real concerns they are seeking to address. “Until now, the voice in the industry for women in menopause has been gaping and often leaves women 40 and older feeling hopeless and confused for answers. Our program has brought patients from all over to our offices. We’re very excited about our new expansion to include Manhattan.”

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