Five Easy Ways to Heal Yourself Fast

From a Bacterial or Viral Invasion

By Jessica Simonian & Bianca Ambrosio

"The holistic community extensively studies these pathogens and how they impact the body, making them the experts on “disease control.” I am happy to share some of the holistic communities’ secrets on conquering a pathogen invasion and keeping the body healthy.  Below are five easy remedies that anyone can implement into their lifestyle. I recommend using all five simultaneously for optimal results."

1: Diet
I know people hate the word diet and often do not like making changes to their lifestyle when it concerns food; but in the case of a bacterial or viral infection, and most of the time it's both working simultaneously making you sick, diet is extremely important. Avoiding some foods will help slow these infections down, decrease negative symptoms and get you  healthy in no time.

One should avoid dairy during bacterial and viral infections.  Bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi love dairy.  They thrive off it and it helps them produce mucus clogging substances and inflammation in the body.

Another food these pathogens love to eat are  products made with flour. This means  anything from bread to pastas and baked goods. To add fuel to the fire, eating flour and cheese products together is a recipe for disaster during an invasion. The less food you give your new neighbors, the faster you will heal and the faster they will die.

2: Oregano Oil
Oregano oil is one of nature's most powerful plant based antibiotics and antioxidants . I am sure that when your MD gives you a round of antibiotics, he does not tell you to read the label to find antioxidants that will make your body stronger, but to read the long list of side effects that can occur while on antibiotics.

Oregano oil can kill anything ranging from viruses to yeast overgrowths while lowering inflammation and giving the body a boost in energy. It contains three powerful, naturally occurring ingredients which are carvacrol, thymol, and Rosmarinic acid. These are so powerful that one will feel instant relief from any infection his or her body is experiencing and fighting off.

Oregano oil can be used internally, by taking a few drops under the tongue.  However, it tends to sting and give off heat, so most people prefer to put a few drops in a glass of water and consume it that way. I do not recommend taking oregano oil during the evening hours as it does increase energy levels.

3: TEA
Not only is having a cup of tea relaxing, but the right blends of teas can provide an inexpensive way to get  nutrients, antiviral and antibacterial herbs into the body to heal infections.  My recommendation is to purchase products from the brand Traditional Medicinals. The boxes of tea are fairly inexpensive, and many have organic ingredients.   Traditional Medicinals make teas for various ailments and issues; all of the teas have very effective ingredients.  The box I always keep on hand, however, is the “Season Sampler.”  It contains a variety of four teas which are Echinacea Plus, Gypsy Cold Care, Breathe Easy, and Throat Coat. These teas provide fast relief of those uncomfortable systems while killing off what is causing them simultaneously. 

4: Green Drinks
Green drinks are not only easy to make, but clear out the dead bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi in your body while strengthening your immune system. Since these are living organisms, when they die, they rot, and toxins are emitted which give you a nasty reaction called a Jarisch–Herxheimer reaction. Your body can have a hard time clearing the dead pathogens and their toxins out of your body, which can bring on systems that make you feel worse. Greens help absorb these toxins and remove them through your detox organs, which you then excrete through natural processes.

The product I recommend is Green Vibrance by Vibrant Health. It has a plethora of super greens, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, fiber  and probiotics, all of which can strengthen the immune system, neurological health, cardiovascular  function, blood sugar and circulation. The more you enhance the systems of the body, the faster you heal and prevent future infections.

5: Essential Oil Diffusers
A good quality, and large enough essential oil diffuser is a great addition for a home or office. When adding certain essential oils to a diffuser, it kills pathogens that are airborne and can enter your body’s most vulnerable orifices, such as the nose and mouth, which are often a way for harmful pathogens to get in.  In addition, a diffuser can help with seasonal allergies since it cleans and helps purify the air.  The essential oil blend I recommend is Breathe by Healing Solutions. It is very easy to obtain and does a great job at clearing out your respiratory system. It is a blend of cardamom, eucalyptus, laurel leaf, lemon, peppermint, pine and tea tree oils.  Cardamom oil helps with mood and respiratory health,  eucalyptus oil can increase immunity and is a powerful decongestant. Laurel Leaf decreases phlegm & mucus and is antibacterial and an antiseptic. Peppermint oil provides relief from nasal congestion, sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, and it reduces coughing. Tea Tree oil has been shown to kill bacteria and viruses that cause colds, flu and pneumonia. It increases your white blood cells, helping you fight infection. 

My name Jessica Simonian a Holistic Lifestyle coach and Reiki master who has been practicing for over ten years, many of my clients who were affected by the coronavirus sought me out for help. Due to years of practice and study, I knew intuitively how to handle each case, and my clients found relief of their symptoms. But my holistic health journey has not been a straight path. I began my journey after a doctor gave me a seventy-day round of antibiotics for a bladder infection. This took a serious toll on my body, prompting me to seek the care of holistic health practitioners to help heal me from the negative effects the antibiotics had on every system of my body. For ten years, I have been helping people heal through nutrition, supplements, herbs and Reiki therapy. I practice tried and true healing modalities that have been around for thousands and years, which is why I knew how to help my clients when they called. e should not be fooled into believing that diseases are uncontrollable entities, and that we as individuals are helpless in fighting them off. The majority of diseases, cancer, and illnesses are caused by the overgrowth of pathogens which include viruses, yeast, mold, fungus, parasites and bacteria. These pathogens do not work alone; one will not only have a virus, but a virus coupled with bacteria, or a virus with a parasite. These pathogens work together to destroy you, their host, so they can live happily in your body.

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