How It Can Change Your Life

By Eli Bliliuos

The pandemic has changed the world as we know it. With life changing, there has been no opportunity to prepare. There is a sense of anxiety and fear for many of us, often with an inability to take control.

My role as a certified hypnotist is to help navigate through times of uncertainty in a healthy, constructive manner. Hypnosis focuses on shifting one’s perspective so that you can feel empowered, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and adapt.

My interest in hypnosis began at the age of 13, when my mother introduced me to the subject matter. I became an avid reader, truly fascinated with its power to offer life-changing results. My career path started as a marketing manager, and it was not until later in life that I returned to my life’s mission to heal deep-rooted wounds and transform the lives of clients through hypnosis. Certified by the International Alliance of Clinical Hypnotists & Therapists, the National Guild of Hypnotists, and the International Association of Counselors & Therapists, I have also been a hypnosis Master trainer for the last ten years.

It may be fun to think of hypnosis as party entertainment. Actually, it is a life-altering modality for accelerated change. Hypnosis has become increasingly popular as a treatment for health concerns such as addiction, depression, anxiety, and phobias. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Review describes hypnosis as a phenomenon where verbal suggestions can help change a person’s thought patterns, which affects their behavior. Today, hypnosis is widely accepted as a valid treatment alternative to traditional mental health options.

During hypnosis, clients are always alert and aware of what is transpiring. Clients are placed in a focused and attentive mental state. A certified hypnotist can facilitate the hypnotic instructions for physical relaxation, allowing you to control your internal fear response, calmly, and rationally approaching any situation. Hypnosis is simply an approach for using the natural trance experience to create positive and lasting change. Furthermore, it can reprogram your subconscious associations with anxiety, stress, and anger, so you respond appropriately to life’s many challenges.

I use hypnosis to determine the “root causes,” and prevent you from dealing with obstacles that hold you back. Very often, our inability to effectively manage problems stems from something in our past, buried deep in our subconscious. An abusive parent, a frightening event, or experiencing bullying in childhood. These events can all become hidden within the psyche, affecting our decisions, without knowing it. 

Hypnosis allows you to access those memories that impact your current behavior and outlook. We can identify which memories keep you from moving forward and preventing you from dealing with your concerns.

Additionally, hypnosis can address a variety of issues stemming from the pandemic. Whether you’re suffering through grief, financial loss, lack of sleep, or coronavirus anxiety, hypnosis can help. Many people are amazed by the power of hypnosis.

Feeling isolated, hopeless, fearing for their loved ones, unable to accept and give emotional support, and stuck in an ongoing state of anxiety. These are just a few of the difficulties we are experiencing. Through hypnosis, I help them overcome the negative feelings preventing them from moving forward and adopting a healthier outlook for the future.

The mind can focus obsessively on catastrophic scenarios that are unlikely to happen. Through hypnosis, I’m able to help clients experience greater clarity and a sense of calm with the ability to see a time when we will find solutions and move past this pandemic.

Additionally, the coronavirus pandemic changes the dynamics of our relationships with others. The lack of separation between work and home life, constant financial concerns, and the inability to socialize the way you normally have in the past is overwhelming. Your relationship with your partner can become strained. You may feel that you don’t have your own space or any time to yourself. The little things that you were able to overlook in the past may set you off. Hypnosis can help alleviate the stress within relationships so that you can look to one another for support and develop a healthier strategy to deal with conflict.

The first session includes an intake and suggestive hypnosis to explore and begin to address the challenge. I explain what hypnosis is and what to expect during the sessions. In May, I offered complimentary sessions for healthcare workers who were experiencing anxiety related to COVID-19. One client required four sessions to help them experience relief. Throughout the sessions, I helped program their unconscious mind to take appropriate precautions and understand that they would likely remain free of infection by taking them. Today, the client remains calm, gets much-needed rest, and achieves a greater level of focus while at work.

Hypnosis will help you gain control and achieve greater fulfillment in your life. The NYC Hypnosis Center will begin seeing clients in-person on a limited basis but will continue offering Skype sessions. I also offer downloadable mp3s to listen to on your own time. In addition, I use Chinese Herbs in conjunction with hypnosis for clients who need immediate relief from anxiety and insomnia. These herbs are manufactured in the U.S. and provide initial relief.

For more information on the NYC Hypnosis Center, visit tryhypnosisnow.com.