A Catalicious Holiday!

By Monie Schulling

Fabulous gifts for your favorite feline and you that last the whole year through! This year we quarantined with our fur children, bonded with them, and they are going to be expecting some gifts and treats as a reward for us not leaving home as much! What can you get for your meowvelously spoiled feline who has everything? We found purrfect gifts, both big and small, that will delight both you and your kitty and will make your holidays bright!


Show off your love of cats in a super stylish purse; perfect for day or night. Made from vegan-friendly materials and great construction that features a handle on the top, inner pocket and silver hardware. It’s water-resistant and easy to wipe clean. Featuring an exclusive mod black & white dot logo pattern. The bag measures 8.5” tall by 9.5” wide by 3.5” thick, just the right size for carrying all your essentials and some cat treats! Info: hauspanther.com..


The catnip is aptly named Yeowww after the reaction your kitties give to this amazing catnip! Cats enjoy Catnip by sniffing, licking, rolling around, and cheek rubbing. Rub some loose catnip on scratchers, and your cats will stay away from your couch! Catnip is organically grown in the USA with only the best leaves and flower-tops. All Yeowww Catnip Toys are hand-stuffed and made in the USA with 100% catnip. The original favorite is the yellow banana that cats covet. Yeowww toys are the perfect holiday fun for your fur babies! Info: duckyworld.com.


Make every meal as satisfying as feeding on wild-caught food. Award-winning LickiMat Felix & Casper enriches feeding time for cats promoting greater activity similar to what they would experience in the wild. Felix & Casper stop “whisker stress” and allow cats to be fed in a crouching position with a full view of their surroundings, reducing stress and anxiety. The pockets are designed to promote licking action to extract food, slow down eating, and make meals or treats last long. Perfect for wet, raw, dry, and liquid foods. Info: available at amazon.com/lickimat and all good pet stores.


Why should dogs have all the fun? Cats love treats, too, especially these delicious, all-natural, treats which are full of healthy, vibrant superfoods like pumpkin, blueberries, turmeric, and ginger. Lightly smoky, these chewy bite-size nuggets are perfect for letting your feline friends know how much you love them. With humanely-raised duck or turkey, or wild-caught salmon or whitefish, plus catnip, no kitty can resist! Made in the USA.
Info: booboosbest.com.


We love supporting small retailers, and Jaycats Custom Kitty Toys and Stockings are beautifully made with love for cats. Even kitties need a Christmas stocking, and this one is purrfect for your feline family member or cat lover! Stockings are available in black, silver, or gold. This hand-sewn, sturdy canvas stocking measures roughly 14 inches tall by 6 inches wide. It features a cat silhouette wearing your choice of either a Christmas bow with a bell or a sweet little bowtie. A glossy red ribbon is woven around the top, with glittering or matte Christmas ornaments tied on the ends. Personalization included. 
Info: jaycatdesigns.com.


Your kitties will love these innovative and cool-looking Happystack Cat Towers for climbing, hiding, resting, and scratching that will satisfy your cat’s wellbeing and engagement. The sturdy triangular design is perfect for your living spaces and comes in four colors. The carpet allows cats to scratch and climb with ease. Happystack cat towers can be easily disassembled for storage or stack the three nesting levels inside each other. Happystack cat towers are 100 percent made in the USA! Info: wisewhisker.com.


A smart HD pet camera with laser toy is the coolest way to monitor your kitties while you are away! Watch your favorite felines with live 1080p HD video, night vision, and 4x digital zoom. You can also get full room coverage with a 160-degree view. Best of all is the two-way audio and interactive laser toy so you can interact with your cat, so they don’t have separation anxiety! Set Laser to auto-play mode to keep pets engaged when you’re busy. Pet Cube’s newest feature is its app, where you can interact with a vet and your fur child in real-time. Info: petcube.com.


The CATVIAR Condo is a meowlossol caviar tin with four entrances so your kitty can hide and escape. The Condo has two interior shelves for your fur baby to snooze and dream of caviar, and a bed on top so your kitty can be the top Cat in your home! Also included is a tin of Caviar for you! Best of all, Square Paws donates 10% of net profits to agencies dedicated to animal rescue and refuge. Designed by Architect Mario Arbore, Square Paws believes that your cat’s towers and condos should be part of your home design. This is the perfect intermingling of art and functionality. Each tower is produced by special order, made in the USA, and artesian-crafted. Info: squarepaws.com.