Discover the Sweetest Treat for Dogs

Bonne et Filou Dog Macarons

By Pamela Smythe Woods

Dogs turned into fur babies and dog owners turned into pet parents. And with this lifestyle shift, what happened? Dog products became humanized. No longer must we hide the ugly dog bed in the closet when guests visit. Beds–and many other pet accessories–are now so beautiful, they’ve become a part of our living space, a reflection of a lifestyle that says, “we are proud to be pet parents.” The sophistication of everything from dog accessories to dog food makes us humans not only enjoy our dogs more. but places more emphasis on sharing what’s right for our fur children.

Meet Bonne et Filou, a French-inspired dog treat company that is lovingly compared by customers to Ladurée (the posh–human –French macaron brand with a global following and a flagship in NYC).

Bonne and Filou, Founder & CEO, Nicolas Nemeth and his wife, Linzi, wanted to find a way to treat their dog to their favorite French pastry. Always fascinated with the lavish lifestyles of the dogs of Louis XIV, King of France, they set out to make a treat inspired by his royal dogs, Bonne and Filou, who lived in the Palace of Versailles. They slept in satin sheets, wore diamond collars, and even had their own personal chef (Shhh- don’t let Fido get any ideas here). Nemeth says his goal with Bonne et Filou was to make a treat so exquisite and delicious that even pet parents could hardly keep their paws off it.

“The biggest compliment I can get is when a new customer tells me they thought our dog macarons were for humans, until they tried to take a bite out of them,” Nemeth reveals lovingly. “While our macarons are indeed safe for human consumption and our dogs love them, they aren’t the sugary French treat humans are used to. We designed these vet-approved dog macarons carefully. Nutritionists worked closely with us, specifically to assure this hard, chewable treat for dogs could be enjoyed for an extended period of time.”

Bonne et Filou uses all-natural ingredients to handmake their macarons in small batches in the USA. Each dog macaron is made with human-grade ingredients including oat flour, honey, coconut oil and an all-natural yogurt filling. Unlike the macarons from brands destined for human consumption like Ladurée, they have a 12+ months shelf life. No refrigeration is required. And there are no artificial ingredients or preservatives. With five delicious flavors to choose from strawberry, mint, lavender, vanilla, and rose, Fido’s going to have a great time picking a favorite.

“It goes without saying that dogs are the new children. So naturally, dog parents want to give their four-legged besties more than just a treat. They want to build an experience around treat-giving. Bonne et Filou fulfills this need most beautifully,” Nemeth is proud to report.

Each box of Bonne et Filou has six dog macarons inside (priced at $23.99). A combo pack of three boxes (18 dog macarons) is $64.99. These delicious and lovely macarons are available at as well as over 330 retail stores including department stores and pet boutiques. A perfect day-to-day treat for all of us who love to spoil our dogs, these tasty delights are also a unique gift.