Ultimate Home

By Victoria Ingalls

An eclectic mixture of object to enrich your home, ranging from home safety devices to objects that make life fun in the home…

San Francisco Salt

A range of gourmet salts in various sizes from 5oz to 25lb bags

Fire Avert Stove
Inspired by Fire Fighters and funded by its success in the TV show Shark Tank the idea is simple – the FireAlert listens for your fire alarm and when it sounds turns off electricity to your stove. www.fireavert.com

Paglione Oak Bottle
Your own oak wine bottle to rapidly age wines and spirits in hours – ideal for turning Trader Joe’s into Chateau Margeaux…

Allaire Rum Crystal Reserve
White Rum from the Caribbean island of Barbados aged for 3 years in the barrel and filtered using a special technique to impart a rich clean flavor – ideal for those summer cocktails.

Haiku Home
Keep cool and be energy-star efficient this month with the Haiku home ceiling fan this summer. The Haiku integrates with the Nest thermostat and in winter can still work to keep warmer air from rising too prematurely equalling lower heating costs. Cool and smart!

Krups coffee maker
The EA81 is a compact and smart fully automatic machine that produces a state-of-the-art coffee at each press of the button. It Makes specialty drinks (espresso, ristretto, cappuccino) available at home with a touch of a button, more product features include; patented compact thermoblock system for consistently hot coffee from the first to the last cup, easy café-quality results and a professional-quality grinder. www.krupsusa.com/EA81

The Mova Cube
This striking cube houses a globe that rotates continuously on its own. Through a complex mixture of fluids that keep the globe symmetrical to all sides of the cube, the globe is able to float perfectly in the center of the cube.

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