Halloween Edition

By Griffin Miller

October…when trees reveal colorful coifs; jackets replace tank tops; apple cider and its hard cider cousin are the quaffs du jour; and Halloween, where we indulge our wildest sweet tooth and costume fantasies. As for the holiday’s supernatural rep, I say let’s ramp up the vamp this year with blood red delights and wicked brews—plus a handful of macabre-free autumnal splurges. Welcome, children of the night!


The jaded mantra in the musical Chicago is “Razzle Dazzle ‘Em,” and for the glam at heart (myself included), tis the season to get your finger freak on via Nailest, home to the hottest, sexiest, acrylic press on nails ever. With their “ready-to-ship” and handmade collections, these specialty sets of 24 run the gamut from conservative to wow! For October 31st, I recommend either the dangerously keen Stiletto or aptly named Coffin styles, but since Nailest’s roster of selections is staggering, do press on to their website, as I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.


Just saying the word “chocolate” may conjure a world of Willy Wonka’s Scrumdiddlyumptious candy bars, but the over-21 set may want to veer away from the oompa loompas and take a sip on the wild side with chocolate-infused 8-Ball Whiskey. Not likely to end up in any trick-or-treater’s goodie bag, this delectable, award-winning blend of aged bourbon and exotic all-natural ingredients is the perfect addition to any adult Halloween party, masked, Zoomed, or otherwise. After sampling 8-Ball au natural, I moved on to the ultimate Irish Coffee. I’m hooked, even though it’s not officially a Halloween tradition… yet!).


In my indoor pandemic shadowland, phone chargers 101 have become a bête noir of annoyance—and I suspect I’m not alone. Craving sleek, functional, and cord-free, I finally had my wishes granted with an Eggtronic Wireless Charging Stone. Round and winningly attractive, these high power babies rock (pun intended) all Qi-enabled devices and come in a number of mega-cool options, from black or white marble to lava stone (the latter currently gracing my desk). What can I say, except my iPhone has never looked happier!


Here’s to celebrating the marriage of two femme fatale items with happily-ever-after in their future. The duo, dubbed Roses are Red: Perfume & Lipstick Escentials by collaborators Sue Phillips (Sue Phillips House of Fragrance) and Heather Fink (The Sexiest Beauty) pair Sue’s bewitching Rose Floral Perfume with Heather’s killer Red Lipstick. Seductively presented in velvet and satin pouches, scent and lipstick have what it takes to upgrade the vixen quotient on All Hallows’ Eve. After all, what’s life without a little rose rapture and scarlet sorcery? 


Let me be the first to introduce you to Rosepops’ Flutter POPS. Unlike your average bouquets, these phantasmagorical flowers—100 percent actual roses—have been organically preserved and “planted in a pretty butterfly adorned box. Meanwhile, building on the wonder of roses with a lifespan of a year or more, with the pull of a ribbon, the scented Rosepops pop up into display mode. Stunning bordering on astounding, you have the option of personalization (photos, charms, notes). My butterfly and initials charms were a most excellent touch.


The topic of sleep is potent nowadays thanks to our newfound bedtime schedules, increasingly muddled by bi-coastal and international video visits. Basically, we’re doomed to jetlag without the jet. Enter Silken Pure, my new favorite purveyor of such nighttime necessities as pillowcases, robes, and sleep masks. Made of the finest mulberry silk, these luxe creations are unparalleled when it comes to touch, all the while eluding the nightmare trio of allergens, scratchy synthetics, and dry skin. The pillowcases’ superpower extends to keeping bedhead at bay, while the robes make “slipping into something comfortable” a sumptuous reality.


There’s a kind of alchemy to choosing jewelry that captures the essence, not only of who you are—but who you want to be on any given day. VUE By SEK, a line of handcrafted, art-infused earrings and necklaces, clearly knows how to zero in on the individual wearer. Their Deco-inspired studs and necklaces are elegant go-to pieces, while their drop earrings combine rhodium or 14K gold plate with precious stones, shells, and gems (quartz, agate, freshwater pearl, etc.) As for Halloween, might I suggest taking your Cruella de Vil Costume to the next level with a show-stopping duo featuring Dalmatian jasper.


When a product is seasonal and too good to pass up it’s definitely time to revisit the brand, in this case Tipsy Scoop, where booze-infused ice cream is the order of the day—or night. I mean who could resist their 2020 limited edition quartet of fall flavors: Spiked Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Vanilla Bean Bourbon, Tequila Hot Chocolate and “Hot” Buttered Rum—a four pint pack that beckons grown-ups to par-tay while wee ghosts, vampires, Batman and Wonder Women get their candy freak on. Special note: Tipsy Scoop founder Melissa Tavss and Director of Marketing Rachel Chitwood recently released the Tipsy Scoop Latest and Greatest Recipes cookbook. Intoxicating!


Lately, I’ve become obsessed with a blog starring a young woman who talks about this, that and the other while applying makeup. Particularly mesmerizing is her deft attention to the eye. Seriously, many times the end result always lands somewhere between high fashion and Tim Burton. However, in the real world where my face lives, versatility is key, and Danessa Myricks Beauty is the gold standard. Take for instance her Waterproof Cream Palettes: six colors that can go solo or blend into vibrant eye, lip, and cheek shades. Designed to complement all skin tones, they come in ingenious magnetic casings (and play nice with other makeup products!). Color me smitten.