Walter Sternlieb, Artist

By Harry Brads

Meet modern American artist and designer Walter Sternlieb, who has opened the hottest new gallery in the Hamptons. Located at 60 Jobs Lane in Southampton, A is for Art is part of the Village’s strong art legacy, backed by curated collaborations in the community.

A is for Art brings to life the prolific vision of Walter Sternlieb, who is known on the East End as a respected designer, builder, woodworker, and master craftsman. Now his latest title as an industrial artist will only further plant his applaudable achievements. His charismatic work on display was brought forth by ingenuity and creativity. “I woke up one morning with this idea of a 3-dimensional flag, made a prototype of it, then built it, painted it, and hung it,” states Walter.

The specific vision of the then novice artist led to a series that includes his iconic pieces, The Staircase, and 5 Hearts. Eventually, he established a professional portfolio that was so large it took up the entire wall space in his home where he displayed pieces. The colorful collection impressed visiting friends and fans and eventually led to opening a gallery to showcase his work.

“I knew there was a property on Jobs Lane and decided to rent it,” he goes on about the inspiration to open his place. “The interior was very run down, and I thought I could have an art gallery. But shabby-chic just wasn’t me. So, we went in and cleaned it up. Then, we started hanging my work and the works of some of my friends. In a short period, I was getting a good response to my work.”

Walter’s expressive 3-dimensional paintings encompass powerful visions full of rich color and bold design. The bright shapes are pops of color that bring bliss to anyone who uses them as part of a home or office space design.

The dazzling and virtuosic collection comes from a special place in Walter’s personal history that many can relate to and why his artwork stands out as a popular choice to art collectors.

Even growing up in his native New York, art touched Walter’s young life, and he remembers, “As a child, my parents took me to museums and historic sites. Of course, I didn’t understand the purpose of all of it. But I was fortunate that they took me to all these places. It helped me in what I do today. All the things that I saw, and I have done in the past have made me what I am today.”

For more information on Walter Sternlieb and A is for Art, visit aisforart.us