Marlaina Teich, Interior Designer

By Patricia Canole

She’s one of the best interior design inspirations of all time who has created home projects with an unbelievable source of luxury ideas. So, who is this design wonder woman? Marlaina Teich whose vision is to give the most personalized and proper interior for her client’s lifestyle. She assures that each interior is tailor-made to their re- quirement and delivers the best in every aspect. The best thing about her studio, Marlaina Teich Designs, is the blend of practical- ity and luxury, resulting in a bespoke design that accentuates the en- vironment.

Marlaina Teich Designs focuses on exclusive residential and commercial interior design projects in Manhattan, Long Island, and beyond. Her de- sign and project expertise encompasses everything from a one-room makeover to a complete renovation.

Marlaina surrounds herself with a team of successful professionals who provide architecture, decorating, lighting, and textile design expertise and provide high-end, timeless projects with contemporary style. She combines luxurious textures and finishes, custom furniture, and unique accessories to create the homes of her clients’ dreams, whether the client prefers traditional, contemporary, or somewhere in between. Marlaina’s interiors all showcase her signature sense of sophistication and upscale glamour.

Marlaina started her career in fashion, eventually falling in love with the world of interior design and home furnishings. The seasonal changes, different textures, patterns, fabrics, and colors excited and inspired her.

Today, Marlaina draws her inspiration from nature, art, architecture, and her travels abroad.

As a featured designer on the Emmy award-winning home improvement shows George To The Rescue, Marlaina works with George Oliphant and his team to deliver beautiful homes for deserving families. She has also appeared in national publications, including Traditional Home, California Homes, Renovation Style, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Marlaina has participated in many charitable projects throughout her ca- reer and is active in several designer-related organizations. Currently, she is serving as Founding Member and Past President of the Designers and Builder’s Alliance of Long Island—a coalition of top designers and builders that raises funds for local charities.

What is unique about your work as a designer?
My style is unique to each project I approach; however, I always incor- porate my signature mix of color, pattern, and texture into the design aesthetic. In addition, I pride myself on taking a personalized approach to every client and their unique needs, lifestyles, and personalities.

What does good design mean to you?
Good design can connect the client’s personality with beautiful aesthet- ics, and all those things fit their needs—both beauty and function.

How do you find those creatives—artists, furniture makers, fabric designers to keep your company current?
Social media is a great place to connect with other creatives. Platforms such as Instagram provide an endless source of both information and in- spiration.

Is there a perfect mix of talent and personality that’s required to create a successful project?
lent and personality are equal parts in the process of a successful pro- ject. One of my favorite parts of the design process is the personal con- nection I form with the client and how I can best create a beautiful space that fits their needs. Being able to connect with the client and make them feel comfortable and excited about the design process allows them to open in a way where I can learn about them, their needs, and their design desires. Then, once that ingredient is unlocked, I can bring all the pieces together to create a space that is a solution to their needs and is a unique reflection of them.!

Have there been any special projects you’re most proud of?

Our design for Beautiful People Salon brought interiors beyond their decorative purpose and focused on a marketing approach by creating a fully branded environment. The BP “Instagrammable wall” attracts guests’ attention when they walk through the front doors. Perpendicular to this wall is the BP sketch floral wall, where the brand’s logo and products for customers to purchase are displayed on shelving within vin- tage frames. The design of each of these moments engages visitors by encouraging them to snap a photo of their new looks and post it to social media.

Conceived during the COVID-19 lockdown and executed when there were limited installation crews, social distancing guidelines, and strict sanitary conditions, we challenged our design team to think innovatively and move quickly. With these elements considered, this project was awarded an International Design Award, which my team and I are very proud of!

Now to TV: Tell us more about your appearances on the Emmy-award-winning George To The Rescue. Do you apply the same perspectives for TV programs as you do for private clients?

At the core, our design process is the same for our projects on George to The Rescue as it would be for our private clients - the client and their needs come first.

Our most recent project was for 15-year-old Paralympic swimmer Ana- stasia Pagonis, who lost her eyesight completely. This project posed an exciting challenge where we had to put more substantial importance on the tactile experience of design rather than the visual. So, the question became, how can we design a space that looks great on TV and feels just as great in person? Challenging? Yes, but it led us to focus on light sensitivity, accessibility solutions, and tactile experiences through materials and technology.

For Marlaina Teich, each project has its own merits, but her greatest strength as a designer lies in her amazing ability to channel her clients’ desires.

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