Finding Wellness Under One Roof

By Ann Greniern

The Skinny Center is Westchester’s first physician network to bring professional medical expertise to the fields of integrative weight loss, women’s aesthetics, and anti-aging. They are thrilled to announce the opening of the new Harrison location under the guidance of the renowned. Dr. Aaron Spingarn, Medical Director of The Skinny Center. The facility offers clients a long-term weight-loss strategy and precise aesthetic treatments, managed with the full support of certified medical professionals.

Patients can achieve their ideal and healthy weight loss goals safely and effectively under their expert care.

All clients receive a full medical consultation, whether they suffer from severe health issues because of extreme excess weight or are looking to lose 15-20 pounds. This includes a thorough scientific assessment of body mass and basal metabolic rate to predict weight loss accurately. As a result, their clients’ average weight loss result is about 25 pounds in just eight weeks.

Programs such as their 21-Day Cleanse are one of the many ways The Skinny Center helps lose weight. The cleanse was designed for those wishing to reverse fatigue, uncontrollable weight gain, acne, bloating, and brain fog. Nothing is more frustrating than being trapped in a body that prevents you from living the life you were born to live. When exhaustion, low self-esteem, and illness rule your daily life rather than opportunities and passion, you are surviving rather than thriving.

Another effective program is Skinny Line 30. This 30-day program is the first scientifically-based whole food, immunity-boosting, cancer-prevention food program that considers women’s unique body chemistry and dietary needs—and shows you how to incorporate them into your daily lives. The program incorporates the most recent nutritional research and addresses the unique health and nutritional concerns women face today. In addition, it addresses clean eating without chemicals, toxins, additives, or preservatives to stay healthy and happy while losing weight.

Their other major weight loss plan is Balance 3H Plus®. This program is a completely personalized system that assists you in gaining control of your hormones. When you control your body, when it is balanced, the diet and exercise choices you make will produce results.

In addition to achieving your weight loss goals, their advanced aesthetic medical treatments and procedures are intended to help you reverse the signs of aging. Why stop at losing weight when you can complete your transformation with dermal fillers, which smooth out wrinkles and fill in hollowed areas of your face? While these fillers cannot stop the aging process, they can help you regain some of your youthful appearance – and confidence.

The Skinny Center’s Cosmetic & Laser treatments are founded on the belief that the needs of their customers are of the utmost importance. Their entire team is dedicated to meeting those demands with expertise and experience. The Skinny Center’s team of highly trained, certified, and experienced professionals are committed to providing exceptional treatments with the best possible care by continuously listening to the clients’ needs and concerns to create a customized individual treatment plan.

And while The Skinny Center primarily caters to women’s goals, they also provide weight loss treatments for men. Recently Radio/TV host Greg Kelly, who can be heard on 77WABC and viewed on Newsmax TV, has become a regular visitor to The Skinny Center. Kelly has shared his story of battling weight fluctuation and his weight loss journey with The Skinny Center on his show. “In 1989, I was actually considered quite skinny. I exercised regularly while experimenting with various diet fads but never reached my weight loss goals. The Skinny Center certainly has its work cut out for them with me. Dr. Springarn has targeted the root cause of my weight gain to help me in achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.”

Dr. Spingarn strives to help his clientele with individualized plans, treatments and dedicated professional specialists at The Skinny Center

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