Becoming A Confident Leader

By Cecille Langtry

Leadership and relationship expert Dr. Karyn Gordon’s new book The Three Chairs: How Great Leaders Drive Communication, Performance, and Engagement is making a profound impact on people around the globe. Most of us strive to be leaders who are self-assured, productive, and energized. However, research shows that if you don’t learn foundational leadership skills, you’ll have communication, performance, engagement, and employee retention issues. So, the stakes are incredibly high.

How can you quickly pick up critical leadership skills? While most organizations and professionals place a high value on leadership development, it is frequently time-consuming and impractical. In The Three Chairs, Dr. Karyn Gordon offers a tried-and-true framework for improving anyone’s ability to lead others.

The CEO and co-founder of DK Leadership has taken her riveting principles of developing influential leaders at work and the home and turned them into what is destined to be a top-selling book. With the publication of The Three Chairs comes the introduction to obtaining a status that will forever change your existence for the better. “Working with Millennials, I realized that a lot of them struggled with self-esteem and confidence,” states Dr. Gordon. “I had researched about the different power of attitudes and how that impacts decision making throughout the years. I started seeing a pattern that comes down to three attitudes that people have. When you understand what these three attitudes are, you can start making educated guesses on how people make decisions, and respond to a situation based on what chair they sit in.”

In the text framework, she explains how she produced the three chairs as a powerful visual. Each chair represents the three different attitudes that everybody has in life. Which chair you’re sitting in and which attitude you carry impacts your everyday behavior (communication; relationships/friendships; goal-setting; decision-making, stress-management/wellness). The three chairs represent those three different attitudes, and people can identify and connect too.

The groundbreaking concept is not only helping shift dynamics for Millennials. It is also creating a positive work environment across multiple platforms. Three Chairs is a business book with an edge since it highlights applications to use in the office as equally as in your personal life. “It is such an easy concept for people to understand,” the leadership and relationship expert explains. “People can quickly start seeing themselves where they sit.”

Karyn’s particular skill is in simplifying research passionately and practically. She has spoken to over 500,000 people from Fortune 500 companies, family businesses, entrepreneurs, professional associations, and others in 17 countries. In addition, she has worked as a media personality and contributor for Good Morning America, Forbes, The New York Times, and Cityline.

In 2018, Dr. Karyn co-created “SI” (Success Intelligence with Dr. Karyn), which includes Live Online SI Masterclasses and SI Courses for managers (and all levels of leaders), making leadership development inspiring and simple saving HR time. SI is now used by thousands of global leaders across many different industries.

Karyn has over 20 years of experience as a professional coach to global CEOs, organizations, and families. She holds a Doctorate in Marriage and Family, and additional certifications in leadership, EQ, personality, wellness, and career development. She has been nominated for the 29th annual RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award in 2021. Three Chairs, which includes a special forward from Shark Tank Investor Robert Herjavec, has received rave reviews from dozens of leaders within the industry. The book is now available on Amazon.

For more information on Three Chairs, visit: dkleadership.org/the-three-chairs-book