The Prostate Cancer Foundation’s Annual Dinner

By Elizabeth Darwen / Photos Courtesy of Patrick McMullan

The Prostate Cancer Foundation’s (PCF) 25th Annual New York Dinner took place at the Plaza Hotel in New York City to highlight the innovative research it is currently funding and to commemorate the millions raised and accomplishments made over the previous quarter-century by PCF.

Michael Milken’s charitable organization is dedicated to identifying and funding groundbreaking cancer research programs. The memorable evening brought together medical leaders, top research scientists, business leaders, and prominent New York City socialites. The event raised more than $6 million.

The evening kicked off with a lively cocktail reception. Milken and celebrity host Whoopi Goldberg opened the evening with a special presentation on PCF’s recent accomplishments at the lavish dinner party. There were also live auctions for various unique experiences and investment opportunities in Young Investigators who are changing the face of medicine. All proceeds will benefit the work of PCF.

Andrea Bocelli, David Foster, and Katharine McPhee gave an exceptional musical performance to cap off the evening. Andrea Bocelli’s daughter Virginia Bocelli joined her father on stage for an extraordinary rendition of “Hallelujah.” Kenny G performed on the big screen with David Foster. The event also included Joe and Ali Torre, Richard and Lisa Cashin, Bennett Goodman, Dr. Charles J. Ryan, Rob and Cindy Citrone, John Paulson, Todd and Katie Boehly, David and Lisa Simon, Sophie Koven, and Jamie Koven. 

The Prostate Cancer Foundation is the world’s leading philanthropic organization dedicated to funding prostate cancer research that saves lives. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men, affecting one out of every eight men at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, in the United States, one man dies from prostate cancer every 15 minutes. PCF’s vision is to eliminate all prostate cancer deaths by raising awareness and funding critical, cutting-edge research.

PCF, founded in 1993 by Milken, has raised nearly $1 billion in support of cutting-edge research through over 2,200 research projects at 245 leading cancer centers in 28 countries worldwide. As a result, the death rate from prostate cancer has dropped by more than half, thanks partly to PCF’s commitment to ending death and

suffering from the disease, and countless more men are alive today as a result. In addition, by focusing on immunotherapy, the microbiome, and food as medicine, discoveries in PCF-funded research have been highly leveraged in diagnosing and treating more than 73 types of human cancer.

PCF continues to serve as a role model for other disease-specific foundations. Its team science approach is extending and improving the quality of life for millions of cancer patients today. Its partnership with the VA is providing best-in-care for our U.S. veterans. Perhaps most impressively, the death rate for Black Americans with prostate cancer at the VA has dropped by 50 percent. PCF’s model has launched the careers of more than 500 scientists which has led to 15 new FDA-approved treatments.

Researchers are beginning to understand that if they target cancer mechanisms—which may be shared across many different cancer types—they may have better success in eliminating cancer. In addition, doing so will result in a less taxing way on the individual patient. Precision medicine is a new way of thinking, and PCF believes it is at the heart of solving the mystery of cancer cure.

Not only does PCF have a track record of successfully bringing cutting-edge treatments to market for prostate cancer patients, but because the research funded by PCF is so influential, they have now funded projects that overlap. This means that, while PCF remains committed to eliminating all prostate cancer deaths for men, they have their sights set on a much larger prize. They see this as a stepping stone to discover a cure for all cancers. For more information on The Prostate Cancer Foundation, visit: