Work & Unwind Edition

By Griffin Miller

A month known for ominous ides, St. Patrick’s Day, the launch of Daylight-Saving Time and, of course, Madness, March gets my vote for the calendar’s most capricious month. Kicking winter to the curb as it launches into spring (on the 20th), March has me revitalizing my home office, revisiting the joys of journaling, and amping up all things R & R & R (Rest, Repair & Regenerate). Hopefully, this vetted collection will serve as inspiration to indulge in a few ingenious March makeovers of your own.

My sartorial addition to St. Patrick’s Day has always been my shamrock socks. This year, they met their match in Kizik’s Madrid Sneakers in olive green (far more vibrant than Olive 101). Available in other colors and styles, Kizik’s superpower rests in their design: you slip into them as you would mules or flip flops (the heel compresses, then bounces back once your foot is in place). If bending is an issue or, like me, running late is de rigueur, you totally need to check out these sublimely comfortable contemporary kicks.

When it comes to holidays and kids, sweet treats inevitably take center stage. For St. Paddy’s Day, why not add creativity to the mix by having leprechauns, shamrocks, and rainbows (with pots of gold, naturally!) light a delectable artistic spark in wee ones through a Luck o’ the Irish Color My Cookie Decorating Kit. Sparkly glitter paint, a medley of sprinkles, and edible watercolors await their imaginations as they turn pre-cut frosted cookies into mini-masterpieces and, ultimately, dessert!

Two months out, May blooms are still getting their act together underground, so why not turn to rich-hued wildflowers to boost your spirits when the skies are overcast. The True + Luscious Flora Furiosa Palette, comprised of ten tantalizing eyeshadow shades, takes its pigment cues from survivalist blooms like buttercups, foxglove, trilliums and irises—flowers that defy any harsh conditions Mother Nature throws at them. Velvety and, as I discovered and adore, flattering alone or blended. In short, go-to gorgeous. Info:

There’s something decidedly Jane Austen about curling up with a journal and pen. Inviting you to spill romantic encounters and creative insights (or vent about boors, bores, bad service, and Netflix), these writing companions are elevated to exquisite in Pen Heaven. Their Almalfi Refillable Journal, handmade in Italy of sumptuous leather wrapped around cream pages, seduced me the second I opened the box. And, as their name implies, they are a haven for handsome fountain pens and ballpoints. Info:

It started when a 12-year-old asked her dad why the queen card in the deck was worth less than the king. As no good answer exists, the two created Queeng Playing Cards, featuring Monarchs (kings and queens); Duchesses and Dukes; and Princesses and Princes (instead of Jacks). Eventually, a second generation of cards celebrating diversity, was born. Impressive, that after centuries, we finally have a multi-ethnic, equality-driven deck of cards. With striking hand-drawn art, Queeng clearly gives new meaning to “fair play.” Info:

As a buzz word, “productivity” has become a bit of a bête noire. Before Covid-19, offices promoted efficiency with standing desks, a solution to sitting all day that evaporated when working from home became the new norm. Thankfully, FlexiSpot has produced a line of standing desks that redefine remote well-being. Their All-in-One Comhar Standing Desk, boasting sleek good looks, three USB charging ports, four programmable heights and a pull-out drawer, has become this workaholic’s ergonomic savior. #musthave! Info:

Even as a kid, I was drawn to the vintage vibe of cotton ticking stripes. They were our bed-pillow cases (a hand-me-down from my grandmother) until my mother graduated to tacky floral blends. But the heft and simplicity of the ticking stripes haunted me. Similar-looking fabrics never measured up. Until Red Land Cotton Ticking Stripe Sheet Sets. It was love at first sight… touch… catnap. Inspired by the 1920s originals, including their 140 thread-count, this luxury bedding is as much the real deal as it is nostalgia personified. Info:

In 2020, when our homes became our lives, disorder reigned via piles of laundry, homework, projects… stuff! While we’ve (hopefully) moved on from unmitigated clutter, size alone dictates New York apartments will always be susceptible. 1THRIVE, refusing to accept chaos as a lifestyle, has redefined domestic sanity with upscale, customizable wall systems that serve as organizational command centers. “The Grayson,” with its matte black/silver good looks, has positively de-tangled my loopy scheduling routine. Info:

REASON TO SMILE On TikTok, I automatically scroll past anyone suggesting mini-bathrooms can be expanded upon. A tiny countertop is a tiny countertop. Period. Which is sad when you have a sizeable water flosser and an electric toothbrush battling for sink-side real estate. Ta-da: The AquaSonic HDCPro, transformative, both dentally and spatially. The flosser, with multiple pressure settings, shares its compact unit with a state-of-the-art ultrasonic toothbrush (six brush heads: fast wireless charging). Info: