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By Melanie Carden

One thing is sure; it’s unlikely you’ll ever get bored of this board. Plankpad is an interactive full-body workout system. Unlike other products on the market, Plankpad’s app is free—and the product over-delivers on its promises. Moreover, its simplicity is a breath of fresh air amongst fitness apps that, at times, create a faux sense of value through unnecessary bells and whistles. So how does it work? Well, the app is synchronized with the Plankpad. Just lay your phone on the board, position yourself in a plank position, and then your movements control the games and workouts. Choose from traditional exercises or interactive games. And, here this, my friends. These games will have you happily hooked. Indeed, it simultaneously taps into your inner child and competitor. Before you know it, 20-minutes went by, and your abs are quivering with that satisfying fire of a worthy workout. And the best part? You can connect your mobile device to a Smart TV and compete against friends and family! 
Perfect for: Folks who find it challenging to self-motivate through a workout, people looking for a whole-body training system for a small living space, kids who love movement-based games.

Sure, fitness trackers are common these days. The Ivy by Bellabeat bracelet, however, is something altogether different. Finally, a biometric health and wellness tracker designed specifically for women. Whereas most wearables are unisex, Ivy correlates your biometric and lifestyle data to the four phases of the menstrual cycle. Combined with your sleep, fitness, and restorative practices such as meditation, Ivy empowers you to understand your body’s bio-response to daily activities to make the right decisions for your psychophysical readiness. It measures your resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and cardiac coherence, combining with your other inputs to reveal your bio-response to recent activities, stress, and emotions. That being the case, I was intrigued. So, during the testing, I was keen to see how it would impact my day-to-day, if at all. In short, I was delightfully surprised the “readiness score” did prove valuable. For example, I had a hectic day and restless sleep, and the following day’s readiness score was a little low. It prompted me to curate my day accordingly. 
Perfect for:  Women who want to be more in tune with their body’s rhythm, those looking to start a family, and women who appreciate real-time, visual health, and self-awareness.

The days of clunky, awkward sewing machines used solely by our beloved, old-school grandmothers are long gone. Instead, we live in an era of extraordinary makers-mentality. Not only do we value artisan-made goods, whether from Etsy or an artisan’s brick and mortar store – but we also love all things DIY. There are entire television shows devoted to everything from home makeovers to DIY craft projects. It’s a fun time to be alive, folks! With that in mind, the Singer C9920 is your open invitation to dabble in the creativity and usefulness of sewing. This innovative, computerized machine offers 810 stitch applications and five fonts. Additionally, the LCD screen adds valuable ease-of-use benefits if you’re new to sewing. Whether you want to try your hand at a custom design or are tired of paying for alterations, technology is on your side. 
Perfect for: Anyone who understands the importance of properly fitted clothing, people who want to tackle creative textile projects, those who follow Paris Fashion Week on Instagram and have thought, “Well, heck—I can do that!” Info: