By Griffin Miller

In the spirit of contemporary moms and grandmoms—as well as the equally amazing women who inspire, nurture, and/or hold a special place in our lives—we raise our glass to Mother’s Day, when we not only celebrate their “amazingness,” but have the opportunity to pamper them with everything from their favorite meals and pastimes to lovingly vetted gifts.

When it comes to jewelry, contemporary pieces destined to become classics are rare. When one catches your attention then, it’s magic time. So, it was when I spotted the Jane Win Forever Star-Bright Necklace –a distinctively carved white moonstone set in 10k gold. Hanging from a distinctive chain, ingeniously embedded with a pink tourmaline gemstone, this striking celestial pendant is poised to become both cherished and admired, on its own or layered with another necklace or two. 


Mom Lesson #1: Presentation is everything, particularly when entertaining. Lighting, music, seating but mostly food. Mixed nuts aren’t guest-worthy unless set out in martini glasses; napkins, silverware, centerpiece must be arranged to showcase the entree. And dessert? A glorious compilation of trays and tiers. Hence my fascination with the Martha Stewart Jadeite Loop Cake Stand: a fanciful loop-de-loop creamy green display for myriad confections… or bagels and muffins a la Mother’s Day breakfast-in-bed. Info:

Speaking of confections, if you’ve ever delved into the cookie jars of the rich, famous, and super-savvy, chances are you’ve been tempted by a handcrafted treat from Italy’s Georgio Cookie Company. Salted Caramel Biscotti, perhaps or one of their Gourmet Cookies—say a Chocolate Hazelnut? A to-die-for Signature White Chocolate Raspberry? All the above arrive, nicely packaged and hand-tied with a satin bow, in their Biscotti & Cookie Sampler. It’s afternoon tea with a tantalizing “ta-da!”.

The chiseled bottle—vintage Hollywood or Newport mansion boudoir—barely hints at its contents: a perfume nectar blend of cherry blossoms, magnolias, frankincense, labdanum, and sandalwood. Exquisite, but far from unexpected, as Fleur Japonais marks the latest addition to the Shalini Parfum collection—its seventh in Shalini’s series of unparalleled fragrances. Recently introduced to Fleur Japonais I, like others with a passion for blissfully indulgent of scents, was utterly seduced. Info:

Who knew making social media videos was possible without massive Sturm und Drang? Clearly GeoSmartPro, creator of AirLit Smart Ring Light, Mirror, and Fan – an ingenious must-have tool for anyone who uses their smartphone to blog, vlog, stream, zoom… you name it. Envision Mom well-lit and cooled off while sitting through a virtual meeting—or getting down to video business on TikTok or YouTube. Bonus points for a) adaptability (awesome makeup mirror, powerful anytime fan, extension stand) and b) a neat app that connects to voice commands. Info: 

Personalized gifts are one thing; Frankie Print Co.’s Love Letter Blanket is in a class by itself. The beauty of this exclusive tribute to Mom doesn’t stop at 100 percent cotton, notebook-paper design, or even heartfelt message: the blanket (or throw, depending on size) can be reproduced in your own handwriting. Not to worry, though, if your penmanship is, like mine, on the dicey side: Frankie Print Co. is ready to step in with its own lovely cursive. Regardless of how (or by whom) it’s “scripted,” expect glowing reviews. Info:

Finally, a year when we can put gifting sleepwear to rest and treat mom to something she’ll reach for… days out and nights in! Stylistically mirroring its iconic Catalina Sweater, MERSEA’s Catalina Slub Tee teams up with jeans, shorts, or stands alone as a beach coverup. And with warm weather getting a jump on June, the message printed on the inside (no scratchy labels here!), says it all: “Summer is a feeling… like happiness. So, wander with purpose, dream with abandon and celebrate the little things in life.”

Normally I wouldn’t equate fire pits with Mother’s Day—too far out of the gift box, even by my eclectic standards. But then the cool design and portable size (6.5 x 4 inches) of Hex Small Fire Pits from Colsen won me over. First sold on their power to create a cozy ambiance for PBS or Netflix binge-a-thons, it then hit me—why not top off Mother’s Day with the ultimate family bonding experience: sitting around the flames toasting s’mores and sharing golden-oldie ghost stories. Delicious. Info: