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By Melanie Carden

Well, it’s time to put another celebrity-endorsed product to the test. This time, it’s Kendall Jenner’s MOON Teeth Whitening Kit. Though not an official expert, I’ve been dabbling in the fine art of whitening since I was a teenager. So, I’m a demanding customer. I was leery at first because it looked too easy, and I was ready to root out what the surprise disappointment would be. Spoiler alert, there is no such issue or blunder. Right out of the box, it’s intuitive and easy. The LED teeth tray is the most comfortable I’ve used, and the whitening strips have a nice minty flavor--and no weird aftertaste. Overall, it takes 5-minutes, it’s extremely comfortable, and the results are stunning.

Perfect For Coffee and red wine enthusiasts, anyone looking for an alternative to professional whitening, and folks who want a dazzling smile.


Science is so cool, or in this case—hot. The Hotshot Smokeless Fire Pit is comparable in design to the Solo Stove standalone fire pits that rose to stardom during the height of the pandemic. The unit draws air in through the base vents, and it travels up through the double walls—getting super-heated along the way, which yields clean-burning flames. That super heat-fed fire obliterates any particles, so you’re gifted a gorgeous, nearly smoke-free fire. And, to quote late-night infomercials, “that’s not all!” You can also get al fresco-savvy accessories like a grilling insert, making it a breeze to host a night of charred summer scallops and Sauvignon-Blanc. I admittedly hedged my bets by adding too many fire-starters when I first used them. I did have a bit of smoke, but it dwindled as the starters burned down. After that, I could see heat vapors, but almost no smoke as promised. A 19.5” HotShot fire pit is just $249, compared to the $400 Solo Stove unit in the same size. Both are exceptional, but HotShot’s affordability makes it easy to buy multiple units, one for home and another for your favorite vacation getaway. And, of course, don’t forget that Father’s Day is looming!

Perfect For Dads and grads, folks who love the outdoors, alfresco dining, and anyone who wants to enjoy an outdoor fire’s mesmerizing, relaxing vibe. Info: