It is with pain in our hearts and tears in our eyes that we share with you the terrible news that our precious greyhound Brooklyn has passed away. On Wednesday, he succumbed to osteosarcoma and died in our arms. He was 13 years, 6 months old.

After suffering for eight years at the Canidrome, the only legal dog track in China, he deserved so much more. In 2019 he survived bone cancer and then in 2020, a spinal stroke. Sometimes, Brooklyn seemed truly immortal.  

Born on December 10, 2008 in New South Wales, our small white and fawn boy was a poor racer. So at the age of twenty-one months, he found himself shipped across the ocean to live (and likely be killed) at the worst dog track in the world. No dog ever got out alive from the infamous Yat Yuen Canidrome.  

Then in 2011, GREY2K USA Worldwide board member Charmaine Settle visited the track and shared his photo, prompting the launch of a successful international campaign to #RescueBrooklyn and #ClosetheCanidrome. The resulting Macau Airlift brought Brooklyn and over 500 of his fellow hounds to waiting adopters across the globe. We were lucky because Brooklyn came home to us. 

We will always remember our boy’s astounding resilience and most of all, his forgiving nature. Please visit Brooklyn’s memorial page, which includes a video and photos from his life, and feel free to leave a comment in his guestbook. Thank you for caring. 

Christine A. Dorchak, Esq.          Carey M. Theil


You can make a lasting gift to help greyhounds through Brooklyn’s Legacy Fund. More info at: