By Stacey Zable

The New York Decoration & Design Building (DDB) Fall Market Week 2022 commenced with a special event to honor luminaries and those seen as the stars of the future of Interior Design at the Stars of Design and Stars on the Rise event 2022.

The DDB hosts two major Market events each year; one in the Fall and another in the Spring. The Markets, which are often held in partnership with the world’s top editorial voices and industry trade organizations, examine all aspects of design and decorative arts. Over 2,000 design professionals and industry leaders attend these Market events, with over 200 in attendance at each of the DDB keynote presentations.

Located in New York City, the Decoration & Design Building is known internationally as the world’s most important home to over 130 showrooms and representing over 3,000 leading manufacturers dedicated to the best in residential and business interior furnishings, educational opportunities, and resource information. The D&D Building is open exclusively to the trade and welcomes design industry professionals from all over the world. The building also provides a 14th floor event space, with catering and conference facilities. 

An expert panel considered the candidates for awards in several categories and following a determination the following awards were presented at the event including;

Stars of Design 2022 Awards honored leading lights in several categories - Interior Design (Brian McCarthy), Architecture (Axis Mundi), Art (Laura Haleman), Graphic Design (Kervin Brisseaux), Landscape Design (Nelson Byrd Woltz), Photography (Tim Tadder) and Product Design (Vonnegut Kraft).  

Honoring the Rising Talent in the industry, the Stars on the Rise 2022 Awards were made to Courtney McLeod, Chiara de Rege, Michelle Murphy, Robert Ventolo, and Keita Turner.  


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