A Fresh Art Exhibit

By Katherine Sloan

This Spring, the Carl Hansen & Son Showroom is proud to present the Fresh Art Exhibit curated by Debbie Dickinson featuring pieces from twenty-first-century established as well as emerging talent. From May 4th to June 1st, each artist’s work taps into the potential of singular vision. These artworks unlock new perspectives and ideas, giving rise to the germination of fresh visuals. Awakenings of new genres and experimentation begin while conversation flows from dark years of solitude and, with this, the “Light Period” emerges.

After two previous art show successes in New York City (“Influence” and “Ombre”) comes Dickinson’s “Light Period.” New beginnings and possibilities awaken in the Spring. It’s time to let in the sunshine and realize that life moves forward. The show will feature the return of Bryan LeBoeuf, Bill Buchman, Evan Sebastian Lagache, Anthony Haden-Guest, and Iran Issa Khan. In addition, it will introduce David Richardson, Geraldo Perez, Prince Palace, Tom Krantz, and sculptor Jorge Vascano. With this impressive assemblage of artists, Dickinson hopes to exhibit the gestation of new artistic ideas.

Complete with figurative oils, colorful abstracts, geometric paintings, cartoon sketches, floral photography, marble, wood sculpture, this Fresh Art Exhibit offers something for every discerning art lover.

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