Old-World Herbalism Meets Modern Science

By Patricia Canole

For most of us, navigating the health and wellness world can be confusing and frustrating, and if you’re like me, say, “I’ve done it all!” I’ve tried nearly every new wonder supplement out there. Yet, sometimes it seems I’m filling my cabinet with more bottles heralding the next go-to wellness overnight.

Then I met Medea Juhasz, who told me about her journey from addictive habits and an unhealthy lifestyle. She told me it is possible to regain a healthy lifestyle with change. The founder of Herbalore, Medea, explained her development, called Catalyst Gold and how it turned her world around. The supplement includes super greens, herbs, superfruits, and minerals to boost energy and eliminate sugar cravings. I was intrigued. Here is her story. 

For Medea Juhasz, it could have been a smoother road to success. The founder of Herbalore and its well-known Catalyst Gold supplement results from an unhealthy life of addiction, food cravings, liver damage, digestive issues, slow metabolism, and a constant weight struggle. Medea admits she was not into health and wellness but soon realized living this kind of life could not continue. She then began studying nutrition, herbalism, and holistic medicine theories. Next, she began experimenting with herbs and superfoods. It took time, but her discovery led to Catalyst Gold, an all-natural multi-purpose superfood supplement. Then, miraculously, her health started to transform itself into fantastic wellness. Imagine, for this former fashion marketing executive, her road to sharing her recipe for wellness had just begun. 

We wanted to know more about this incredible woman to discover her secrets for living well.  

Tell us more about Catalyst Gold and the benefits of this fantastic supplement.
I call Catalyst Gold the ultimate all-in-one multi-purpose superfood supplement, a formula that helped me profoundly transform my health. I specifically formulated Catalyst Gold to reprogram the body on a cellular level while aiding in necessary nourishment and detoxification without harsh cleanses and unrealistic dietary restrictions. I believe diets and cleanses do not work; a permanent lifestyle change does. Since our 2016 launch, CG has become a customer cult favorite. Most of our customers almost immediately report back increased energy/stamina, better digestion, faster metabolism, decreased sugar cravings, and overall well-being. The beautifying effects, such as hair/nails/skin/eyelashes, take approximately six weeks to manifest.

How did you make yourself understand the variety of herbs, minerals, and supplements out there?
When Western medicine failed to help with my health issues, I started obsessively researching superfoods and herbs and followed raw vegan wellness experts like David Wolf. After I healed myself with the formula that became the foundation of Catalyst Gold, I went and studied herbalism and nutrition and started collaborating with clients as a holistic nutrition coach. To this day, I’m fascinated with new “discoveries” regarding holistic medicine, herbs, and superfoods, and my research will never stop. 

What made you think about creating a superfood wellness supplement?
I’m one of those brand founders who went through a health crisis and healed herself to be able to heal others. Herbalore and Catalyst Gold saved my life, and that subconsciously comes through. After extensive self-healing, I had the formula in the back of my drawer for years. Occasionally I suggested to some of my clients to buy 16 bottles of different supplements containing ingredients (making sure they were clean, non-GMO, etc.) and take approximately 30 pills daily for guaranteed magic. A few clients followed my advice, but many kept telling me they wished one pill had all these ingredients. In 2016 I decided to dust off my formula and launched the the-all-in-one “miracle pill” Catalyst Gold.

How did you go about creating the best version of your concept?
I’m a maximalist; the most significant challenge about creating CG was finding the right lab and manufacturer. A lab that would honor my specific requirements (non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, no toxic fillers, binders, and preservatives, etc.) and would be able to be 100 percent transparent about sourcing our ingredients. 

I interviewed close to 50 labs, and most admitted working with GMO or toxic ingredients in some capacity. I have a unique complex formula; I was told it was impossible to bottle and could not be encapsulated without toxic fillers and preservatives. Let’s say I got laughed at and hung up on several times during my lab research.  

What sets Catalyst Gold apart from other wellness supplements?
This unique formula works with your system and gives your body whatever it needs. The procedure can create changes on the cellular level. Customers take it for sugar cravings and report back with an inch of hair growth after a month. Our clients take it for hair and nail growth and immediately notice increased stamina and energy.

Aside from taking Catalyst Gold, what other wellness rituals do you practice staying fit and healthy?
I work out daily; I’ve been into boxing for seven years. In addition, I eat 100 percent of whole food, plant-based diet and practice intermittent fasting. I try to break up my meals according to food combining. I love the fast-paced life of NYC, but sometimes I listen to my body and slow myself down, take long Epsom salt baths, meditate and get massages.

Do you see yourself adding additional health products to your Herbalore brand? I’m working on a men’s formula that will also serve as a unique supplement for women. I’m trying to create a “very different” product, a breakthrough formula with hard-to-find ingredients. Hopefully, I will be able to launch it later this year. 

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