12 Must-Haves For Every Trip

By Sophia Strawser

With three major airports in our backyard, it’s hard not to love travel as a New Yorker. There’s something about new cultures, local cuisine, and foreign cities that’s equal parts thrilling and therapeutic. But the preparation can be a challenge: delayed flights, wrinkled clothing, and post-flight dry skin. I’ve compiled my current travel must-haves so every trip can be a seamless one from start
to finish.

The Palestra Due in white by M. Gemi is my latest obsession. It pairs with everything from athleisure to a sundress. With an average of 20,000 steps a day, I can’t be choosing fashion over comfort. Luckily, thanks to M. Gemi, I can now have both. Info:


When the flight cranks up the AC, I cozy up in my luxe Reformation Fantino Cashmere Collared Cardigan that’s truly a gift from the gods. Doubling as my blanket for overnight flights, this oversized knit offers plenty of warmth without being too thick. And given its neutral color, it’s the perfect outer layer for those chilly nights.

I wanted a designer bag for an upcoming trip to Paris. The only problem was I didn’t own the bag I wanted. So, instead of dropping thousands on a trip and a bag, I grabbed an affordable monthly membership with Vivrelle. The Dior Mini Book Tote arrived promptly, was flawless as if brand new, and was mine for a whole month. It elevated every look and helped me walk into any activity more confidently. Info:

I’m a “push through the jetlag” person, so the first night is crucial. I need to be out and about, a glass of wine in hand and an effortless outfit ready. That’s why the Reformation Foster Knit Two Piece has been my go-to look. The two pieces easily pair with other tops and bottoms, giving me maximum versatility in my suitcase wardrobe.

I rarely check a bag, so finding a carry-on and personal item that maximizes my packing options is essential. By now, Away has caught all of us with a targeted ad or a word-of-mouth referral. I took the leap and found that the hype is worth it. The Everywhere bag, my favorite, has more than enough space for my essentials. Since it’s my most space-efficient bag, it also serves as my weekender.

Liquid IV powder turns one water bottle into the hydration level of three, all while tasting like a fruity lemonade. I have one towards the beginning of my flight and one right before landing to make sure I’m at peak hydration. I have found them to help my energy levels, sleep, and skin. And now offered in new sugar free flavors! Info:

Without structure, I pack like a toddler. So Baggallini’s packing cubes were an absolute must. They have slight compression—meaning I can pack that last pair of jeans that I may or may not actually need and still have room for the impractical heels. You won’t regret this purchase!

A small bag of pretzels can only take me so far, so I pack my own in-flight snacks. At the top of the list are protein bars from Built. Packed with 17 grams of protein and tasting much like a dessert, they always hit the spot. My favorite is the Brownie Batter with a close second of Cookies and Cream. Info:

I’m officially in life’s “needs an airplane pillow” stage. Not wanting to carry it everywhere I go on the trip, I found the Trtl Pillow to solve all my problems. It’s lightweight, supports your head on the side, and folds up small enough to be slid into the front pocket of any personal item. Info:

Tangled jewelry is a thing of the past thanks to the jewelry case from Made by Mary. I’ve lost studs on vacation and spent hours undoing delicate gold chains one too many times. What I love most about the case is that it fits a month’s worth of jewelry while still compact. With four assorted colors, this vegan leather case fits anyone’s style. 

Skincare routine is my number one routine one in life. It’s ranked skincare, family, and everything else. When it comes to long-haul flights, it’s been a constant battle to keep my skin hydrated. I tested the year-old company, Rhode to try their Peptide Glazing Fluid with the Barrier Restore Cream. Both felt like heaven to the skin, with the moisturizer being my favorite. It offers deep hydration without being too thick. A win-win if you ask me. Info:

Gut issues love to pop up as we adjust to a new time zone. So, instead of downing twelve times your recommended serving of fruit, turn to My Girl supplements. I don’t travel without their Better Belly System, a 3-step system. The supplements conquer bad gut bacteria and food bloating. With my power trio’s help, I can thoroughly enjoy my eat, love, pray adventure. Info:

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