Bespoke Treatments Designed For A New You

By AP Connolly

A visit to Dr. Sharon Giese’s townhouse on the Upper East Side is a transforming experience for her patients. The renowned plastic surgeon is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and specializes in various plastic surgery procedures to help you achieve your health and aesthetic goals. “Cosmetic surgery is a way of respecting yourself and your body. This is not superficial thinking. It’s powerful thinking.”

Dr. Giese combines her art, science, medicine, and psychology background to deliver customized treatments to each patient. “Selecting a surgeon is very important and sometimes daunting,” she says. Dr. Giese and her staff are involved with every step of the process. Her patients all want the same—to be better versions of themselves, from celebrities to soccer moms. Dr. Giese’s experience will help guide you through the sea of misinformation and bring you the latest treatments.

She’s a noted medical expert who’s refined many innovative techniques to provide both men and women with beautiful, natural-looking results. Her expertise is breast and body surgeries to her signature Mini-Natural Lift procedure. Dr. Giese is determined to provide the best possible care and outcome for each client so that everyone is guaranteed their red-carpet look.  

No matter your life stage, her practice has the perfect procedural package for you. As a female plastic surgeon, Sharon Giese, MD, recognizes the aesthetic value women place on their bodies. Her practice offers a variety of cosmetic and non-surgical procedures to treat your specific needs, from breast enhancement and facial rejuvenation to dermal fillers. Whether you want to lift sagging skin, enhance curves, smooth wrinkles, or improve symmetry, Dr. Giese can help transform your body and life. Her in-demand treatments include Body Sculpting and Elective Weight Loss™


When achieving the ideal body, you have always wanted, more than diet and exercise may be required. There can be stubborn areas that are difficult to target and tone, which can be frustrating. Dr. Giese offers various body sculpting treatment methods to help you best achieve your aesthetic goals. She provides many options, from non-invasive Ultraslim™ and EMSCULPT® to minimally-invasive liposuction and removing the excess arm, thigh, or abdominal skin, as necessary.


Excess weight increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Just 10 - 15 pounds over your adult low weight can have negative medical, negative psychological and of course, wardrobe consequences. Staying on a restricted calorie diet for a sustained period is challenging and typically takes longer than one thinks or desires. Everyone wants a quick fix, but slow and steady is the path to success here.

This is where Semaglutide comes in. It cuts the appetite, resulting in less food intake and weight loss. People can expect ½ to 2 pounds a week loss.

How Does It Work? Semaglutide is the active ingredient of the FDA-approved medication (Ozempic® and Wegovy®) for weight loss in people with obesity and overweight individuals with type 2 diabetes.

It will decrease your appetite by slowing stomach emptying. You will achieve satiety quicker, resulting in eating and drinking less. This fullness will last longer, reducing the desire to eat again or consume more. Dr. Giese’s professional team will adjust dosage based on your appetite suppression while minimizing discomfort.

Who’s A Good Candidate For ELW-- Elective Weight Loss™
Anyone who has seen their weight drift up (even as little as 8 pounds), who is having difficulty getting weight off and keeping it off.

· People with a BMI of 20 - 30, normal to medically overweight people who are “overweight” relative to themselves.
· Otherwise, healthy people with excess weight being their main medical problem. 


· I am intentionally not recommending “a diet.” A “no-diet diet” has been found to be equally if not more effective than any specific restrictive diet plan. Everyone’s lifestyle and relationship with food is different and changes over time. You are all adults. I am not going to tell you what to eat and be the food police. 

· You will find that you will become more efficient in your eating. You will likely spend less money and lessen overall food waste. Take this time to observe and reflect and make small changes to you r nutrition intake. If you desire more assistance, our nutritional health coach, Kate Stempl, who will be checking in with you weekly, will be happy to help. 

· Eating less is generally consistent with longevity. Particularly with supply chain issues, possible food source scarcity and inflation, there are many reasons to incorporate a lifestyle less dependent on large amounts of food for satisfaction. 

“My first weight reduction program was called Fast Track to Better Health which incorporates large volume liposuction into a successful weight loss program. This program still holds today but now I can offer a non-surgical, natural tool to suppress one’s appetite and help anyone achieve their weight loss goal.”  

It is a unique body sculpting treatment that stimulates muscle contractions to build muscle and tone. During this revolutionary treatment, muscles are forced to contract, burning fat and helping create a more defined, toned shape. While EMSCULPT® is used to treat the abdominal areas, it can also be used for a non-surgical, non-invasive butt lift.

A non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction that can help remove stubborn areas of fat. The only FDA-approved device for immediate size reduction. It is not uncommon to lose four inches in your first 32-minute session. This treatment method does not necessarily destroy fat cells. Instead, fat cells are preserved, and their contents—fatty acids and triglycerides—are drained through red light therapy. 

A popular surgical treatment for targeted fat removal. Dr. Giese uses ultrasound-assisted liposuction, an advanced treatment technique that removes stubborn fat and helps tighten skin. Not only can this help remove pesky pockets of fat, but collagen production is promoted for a smoother, firmer appearance. Lose more inches per pound than any other method of weight loss. 

Natural breast augmentation, as opposed to breast enhancement using implants, allows for an improved breast shape and size using your own fat which is removed from a donor location using a minimally invasive liposuction technique. Unlike traditional liposuction. Donor locations are chosen depending on individual needs and may include areas such as the abdomen, love handles, thighs or back.  

Another option is The Power Breast Lift, known as a mastopexy. Used to correct sagging breasts, this procedure raises and reshapes. Dr. Giese performs a special “internal bra” technique during this procedure, re-arranging the breast tissue under the skin to self-support the breasts, thereby requiring little to no brassiere support following surgery.  

Dr. Giese’s motto: “Promote health and wellness, enhance body image and strengthen the psyche to improve overall quality of life.” She understands that confidence is vital, and our cosmetic procedures allow you to dramatically improve the aesthetics of your body, enhancing both your physical and emotional well-being. 


Promote health and wellness, enhance body image, and strengthen the psyche to improve overall quality of life. This is the idea Dr. Giese has offered patients since the first day. In her booklet Elective Weight Loss™—A NO DIET DIET, patients can find how to achieve weight loss goals. 

With this booklet, discover everything behind the Elective Weight Loss™—A No Diet Diet program. In addition to explaining the pros and cons, it will guide you to take the time to observe and reflect and make minor changes to your nutrition intake. You’ll also find you will spend less money on food and clean your refrigerator and freezer and lessen overall food waste.  

Naturally, eating less is healthier and consistent with longevity. Particularly with supply chain issues, food source scarcity and inflation there are many reasons to incorporate a lifestyle less dependent on substantial amounts of food for satisfaction.  

It’s a must-do read for everyone! The online version can be accessed at electiveweightloss.com. HSA (Health Savings Account) accepted. Gift certificates and virtual appointments are available.  

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