Our Favorite Finds For This Dry January

By Pamela Smythe Woods

Dry January is known as the non-alcohol world’s holiday. Although the idea began as a break from holiday imbibing, living alcohol-free has become a trend that Hollywood A-listers—and the rest of us—are embracing as part of a commitment to a wellness-focused lifestyle. Curious? We’ve selected the best ready-to-drink mocktails for you to enjoy in 2024.


This non-alcoholic, award-winning cocktail alternative tastes like the real thing. It’s a female-founded cocktail-inspired soft seltzer in six flavors: Blueberry Gin & Tonic, Cosmic Bitter Spritz, and Orange Old Fashioned. Each spunky and colorful Mixoloshe 12-ounce can contain only 50 calories, less than nine grams of sugar, and five clean ingredients. Info:


Are you stuck in a coffee-to-cabernet cycle? Mood-enhancing and stress-relieving, Slide is what you need: a delicious, non-alcoholic, better-for-you sparkling restorative made with Kava to help you banish burnout. It’s caffeine-free, 15 calories a can with only one gram of sugar. Say goodbye to java jitters. Info:


Delightfully alcohol-free, this refreshing craft mocktail has an added energy kick. All natural, it’s canned, carbonated, and caffeinated—and sweetened with just a touch of honey. Spill It is a delicious Hibiscus and Black tea blend true to the Caribbean Roots of this mocktail/mixer’s fabulous founder, Xie Xie Stush. Based on traditional Jamaican punch, Spill It is a way to infuse the sweet and spicy flavors of the Islands. Info:


With mindful sipping in mind, Jeng all-natural sparkling beverages are micro-dosed with legal hemp-derived THC or CBD; they even offer hemp-free signature alcohol-free cocktails with all the Jeng deliciousness. All conceived to help you ‘start low and go slow’ with four low-sugar flavors inspired by the best mixologists: Spicy Blood Orange Margarita, Rhubarb Cucumber Spritz, Paloma Grapefruit, Moscow Mule. It is a natural way to relax, reconnect, and return to the center. Info:


ISH Mojito could not be more delicious! This bright, refreshing experience tastes like a full-strength Mojito—minus the alcohol. Made with ISH Caribbean Spiced Spirit, de-alcoholed Caribbean rum infused with Madagascar vanilla, Indonesian nutmeg, and naturally baked apple flavor plus natural lime and Moroccan spearmint, this non-alcoholic Mojito satisfies.


High Rise is a cannabis beverage with natural, simple ingredients that everyone can share and enjoy. Based on the dream, beauty, and excitement of coastal living, each smooth and not-too-sweet flavor is created with a natural fruit extract and just a pinch of real sugar. From fresh berries to ripe citrus, there’s a flavor for everyone looking for a balanced life with new and easy vibes.