A Dreamy Culinary Odyssey

By Jenna Guarneri


In the heart of Manhattan’s West Village, Olio e Più has been a beacon of Italian dining excellence for over a decade. Established in 2010, this contemporary trattoria has become a cherished gathering place, offering a taste of the old-world charm of Italy with a metropolitan flair. Known for its rustic décor, patio seating, and seasonal menu, Olio e Pi has become a staple for locals, romantic date nights, and social gatherings with friends.

Founded by Emil Stefkov in 2010, it is set to bring the concept to Chicago and Washington, D.C. Each new location will transform historic landmark spaces into restaurants with breathtaking design, promising to capture the essence of Italian dining in these vibrant cities.

The essence of Olio e Più lies in the simplicity of Neapolitan cuisine. The trattoria brings Italian tradition and a true sense of Mediterranean liveliness to the community. The culinary focuses on classic Italian dishes, emphasizing house-made pasta, hand-stretched pizza, and time-honored favorites like Caprese Salad, Fritto Misto, and Tiramisu. The seasonal menu reflects the changing flavors of the year, ensuring a fresh and dynamic dining experience.

The open dining areas, rustic interiors, and carefully curated wine and cocktail lists at Olio e Più transport guests to old-world Italy, creating an atmosphere that complements the authentic flavors of the cuisine.

Olio e Più boasts an exceptional culinary team led by Corporate Executive Chef Maxime Kien and Executive Chef Danilo Galati. Chef Kien’s culinary journey began in the Côte d’Azur region of Southern France, and his career has taken him through fine-dining establishments in Europe and the U.S. With a focus on modern and traditional dining, Chef Kien’s creations tell a story on each plate, providing guests with a memorable experience.

Executive Chef Danilo Galati, hailing from Imperia, Italy, draws inspiration from his grandmother’s homemade pasta recipes. Trained in esteemed European culinary institutes, Galati’s culinary style seamlessly blends traditional Italian flavors with contemporary influences, emphasizing sustainability and locally sourced ingredients.

Additionally, Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Baptiste Scordel, born in Southern France, brings a sweet touch to Olio e Più. With a background in Michelin-starred restaurants, Chef Scordel’s passion for pastries and dedication to simplicity shines through in his creations.  

The “La Dolce Vita” concept is more than just a saying—it’s a way of life. The restaurant encapsulates the essence of Italian living, inviting guests to savor the moments that matter most, especially at the dinner table. Olio e Più presents the beautiful Benvenuti a Casa, a book to share the magic of Italian homestyle cooking. This literary journey explores the culture of Italian cooking, offering cherished recipes for antipasti, pasta, and roasts, allowing diners to recreate the pleasures of the Italian table in their homes.  

As Olio e Più embarks on a new chapter of expansion, its commitment to bringing a sweet life to every guest remains unwavering. Whether in the West Village, Chicago or Washington D.C., Olio E Più continues to be a beacon of Italian hospitality and culinary excellence, inviting diners to experience the warmth and richness of the Italian dining tradition.  

For more information on Olio e Piu, visit olioepiu.com