Off-Market Real Estate

There is an increasingly popular niche in the real estate market today called “Off-Market Real Estate”. Simply put, an off-market real estate property is one that is not publicly advertised in any media or on any MLS feed...

Can I Afford to Retire?

"How am I going to afford retirement?” It’s a question practically all of us ask at one point or another, though a lot of us don’t do very much about it. According to a study, 36 percent of Americans are not saving for retirement, and of those who are saving, 52 percent say they haven’t saved enough, according to another recent study. ..

Top 10 Annoying Airline Fees To Dodge

Air travel to a large segment of the public is far from a leisure activity. The legions of men and women who must fly for business, a fact that keeps them in the air more often than they are on the ground, is far from the rosy picture friends and family often think it may be...

Seafood Docks At Rockefeller Center

As we entered this freshly decorated seaboard restaurant of white on white with its high ceiling, I felt as if I was sailing out at sea. Limani Restaurant’s other decorative elements include an open kitchen, a market display of fish, and a modern airy space with soaring ceilings that...

Favorite Haunt of the Famous in NYC

Swifty’s has earned its place as one of New York’s landmark restaurants, thanks in part to its commitment to classic cuisine as well as its esteemed owners, Robert Caravaggi and Chef Stephen Attoe. The Upper East Side institution also offers the same high level of fine dining but at private affairs, courtesy of Swifty’s Events...

A Taste of the Old Country

The New Jersey shore has a tremendous attraction for New Yorkers, especially family gatherings and vacations. The “getaway” is an easy drive from Manhattan and the clean, white sand and rippling waters set a tone that calls out to those seeking to decompress...

127 Years & Still Fresh

Somehow the name “Iceland’s Deli” never had the same cache as “Katz’s.” But 127 years ago the New York landmark was born with that name.
If the Iceland brothers knew that what they opened in 1888 on Ludlow Street would outlive generations, they probably would never have invited Willy Katz into the business in 1903. Only a few years later Willie’s cousin, Benny, moved...

Schlesinger’s Steak House

"New York’s Hudson Valley offers many satisfying indulgences from hiking, visiting historic cities, riverfront entertainment to eating at excellent restaurants. I’ve always sought quality steakhouses just off the beaten path. The chain restaurants rarely satisfy my palate. I came across Schlesinger’s Steak House about twenty years ago and the experience was outstanding...

For King and Prince

In 1935 a small, private seaside dance club, The King and Prince Club opened on the picturesque beach of St. Simons Island, Georgia. From this humble origin, The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort has become a prized destination for visitors looking for a warm Southern welcome in a beautiful seaside setting...

Saratoga, It’s More Than Just Horses

Saratoga is just over a three hour drive via major highways from New York City and makes for a great mid -week or weekend getaway.There are over 30 hotels to choose from in the area with such notables as The Gideon Putnam, The Pavillion Grand Hotel, The Batcheller Mansion Inn, The Inn at Saratoga as well as a number of chain hotels. Activities abound in August and September...

Get More From Your Game

Around 25 million Americans play golf. Retired men and women who enjoy a game several times a week account for around half of all rounds played. For many of them age has slowed them down a bit and they look for every (legal) advantage they can get to keep their spirits high and scores low...

Ex-Yankee Randy Johnson Among Baseball...

The little village of Cooperstown always has a busy summer with tourists from around the world streaming in to visit the Farmer’s Museum. Back in Leather Stocking history, the main attraction has always been the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum....
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